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Culture Counteroffensive Launched


Scale justice Trump President Trump and his appointed subordinates in the Department of Education have launched a real counteroffensive in the culture war. The president took the occasion of Constitution Day, which is also Citizenship Day, to announce a full offensive against the leftists’ lies, and identified Howard Zinn as a propagandist. Then the Department of Education took the president of Princeton at his word when he proclaimed in writing that this university, recipient of federal largesse in grants and scholarship guarantees, is shot through with systematic racism.

Remarks by President Trump at the White House Conference on American History
Issued on: September 17, 2020
National Archives Museum
Washington, D.C.

2:54 P.M. EDT

In Praise of Notorious RBG


Yes, I am serious. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg reflected an older liberal center-left sensibility that is largely missing, or driven underground, in the current political fever. I offer in evidence three notable instances, while recognizing the last must be qualified. A Rolling Stone interview with the authors who created the Notorious RBG persona suggests they saw some of the same attributes I praise.*

Most recently, in February of this year, with politics already at fever pitch, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg shocked and discomforted the left at Georgetown Law School, as she participated in a program reflecting on ratification of the 19th Amendment. Recently, it became fashionable for Democrat-controlled states to claim they were now ratifying the 1972 Equal Rights Amendment. They expected to win by litigation, but Notorious RBG shot them down:

Speaking at Georgetown University Law Center at an event co-sponsored by the American Bar Association, Ginsburg poured cold water on the renewed hopes for the 1972 amendment becoming part of the U.S. Constitution after Virginia became the 38th state in January to ratify the measure that says “equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.”

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Black Americans, even millionaire athletes, know that the real threat to black communities and all urban poor communities, is the reign of terror by criminal gangs, street-level organized crime. President Trump has turned federal law enforcement loose on these criminal enterprises, trying to fill the gap left by George Soros funded prosecutors, no-cash-bail policies, and […]

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Praise Where Praise Is Due, Care Where Care Is Due


President TrumpPresident Trump started September on his feet, on the road, and fully coherent, doing what presidents are expected to do in Wisconsin and North Carolina. This is in marked contrast to Joe Biden, whose words briefly became more of a tossed salad than Trump’s supposed ramblings, when he belatedly reacted to DNC prompts after bad polling on the Democrat’s street violence campaign. Biden’s reaction was to avoid any mention of leftist forces of intimidation and destruction, see the Biden Pittsburgh transcript for yourself. President Trump called him and the rest of the Democrats on this immediately in the Monday press briefing.

America saw President Trump on the ground in Kenosha, praising law enforcement, promising millions of dollars to rebuild the area destroyed by leftist black bloc militia before the Democrat governor finally relented and accepted federal assistance in the form of federal dollars and National Guard troops from more than one state. He then appeared on a stormy day in North Carolina to praise the state, the people, and our nation’s history of doing great good in the world.

Monday, August 31, President Trump started the week standing in front of hostile reporters, in stark contrast to Joe Biden. Here are his press briefing remarks, in part [official video here]:

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President Trump has been all around the country this summer, talking to audiences of various sizes, talking face to face with officials and members of the public. He has tightened his stand up news conferences to about a half hour and keeps talking to the press scrum on his way to Marine One. By contrast, […]

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The Great Liberator


President TrumpDonald J. Trump is poised to become the Great Liberator for black folk. This Republican Convention is the Trump Party Convention, thanks be to God. Starting on the very first evening, President Trump’s list of speakers* began to make the case based on candidate Donald J. Trump’s fulfilling his 2016 New Deal for Black America** to the limit of Article II powers, (as unconstitutionally expanded by a corrupt Congress and Supreme Court). President Trump has faithfully acted within the limits of the Constitution as written until the other two branches did the two-step of breaching their own duties and claiming the presidency, just not Donald Trump, had expanded authority to act. If Lincoln was the Great Emancipator, then President Trump is poised to become the Great Liberator, freeing Americans of every shade of melanin from the Administrative State and the unholy alliance of Bushie Chamber of Commerce Republicans and Marxist Democrats.

The Bushie Chamber of Commerce Republican’ts have had since January 21, 2001, to fix federal election fraud. They have willfully failed and obstructed real defense of our republican form of government. The Democrats are who they have been since repeater gangs stuffed ballot boxes along the eastern shore of the Mississippi before the Civil War, defending slavery. The current Congressional Republican’ts are the morally corrupt crew who used the cover of the Sacrament of the Filibuster to preserve Democrats’ racial terrorism, blocking every attempt to stop white supremacist states with anti-“lynching” legislation.

“Lynching” was a deceptive term for ritual public torture-murder. Think the charred remnants of American contractors suspended from a bridge in Iraq. That is what good old all-American boys did with southern belles looking on. And bits and pieces were displayed in shop windows in jars of preservative on main street.

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While Democrat cities continue to burn and bleed, and Democrats refuse to denounce their street operatives’ violence, President Trump and Attorney General Barr offer every American a choice, not an echo. On Monday, President Trump went to Yuma, Arizona and stood outside in 120 degree heat, under the desert sun, demonstrating his ability to coherently […]

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Join Jim and Greg as they welcome the news that Biden’s selection of Kamala Harris is having very little impact on the presidential race. They also roll their eyes as Hillary Clinton suggests to the convention yet again that she really won the election and Barack Obama, of all people, says we need a president who will faithfully defend the Constitution.  And they react to the news that former White House official and Trump 2016 campaign honcho Steve Bannon is under indictment for allegedly defrauding a charity supposedly funding a border wall.

Joe Can’t Do That


President TrumpOn Tuesday, President Trump flew from the White House, where he celebrated women’s right to vote and their participation in our nation’s politics. He flew to Yuma, Arizona to celebrate the men and women securing our border. He was drawing eyes to the border to show he was using every bit of presidential authority to fulfill his campaign promises, despite the worst efforts of the Congressional Democrats and Republican’ts. He flew into 120-degree heat and spoke outdoors, pointing out that Joe Biden was likely incapable of doing so.

Remarks by President Trump During Border Wall Construction and Operational Update | Yuma, AZ
IMMIGRATION Issued on: August 18, 2020
Yuma, Arizona

1:34 P.M. MST

“Trump Speed” Week in Review


American voters face a choice, not an echo, and need to act accordingly in this election season. As the Democratic National Convention rolls out in some form this week, measure Democrat supporters’ claims against President Trump’s accomplishments. Start with just last week. The Trump administration moved with purpose all week, taking both domestic and international actions that matter. Consider this daily summary of the past week’s events [emphasis, bracketed comments, and links added]. Bear in mind, President Trump had his brother Robert on his heart all week, as Robert was in hospital “having a tough time.” Sadly, the week ended with President Trump saying farewell in person to his beloved younger brother, but that did not stop the president announcing a defense agreement with Poland, to the consternation of Russia and their Democrat true friends. Robert Trump died on August 15, 2020:

It is with heavy heart I share that my wonderful brother, Robert, peacefully passed away tonight. He was not just my brother, he was my best friend. He will be greatly missed, but we will meet again. His memory will live on in my heart forever. Robert, I love you. Rest in peace.

Operation Legend and Middle East Peace at Trump Speed


President TrumpOn Wednesday, July 23, 2020, President Trump hosted the grieving mother of LeGend Taliferro at the White House. In Charron Powell’s presence, on camera, Attorney General Barr promised to deliver justice for her slain 4-year-old son, LeGend. Today, August 13, 2020, Attorney General Barr announced the arrest of a suspect in LeGend Taliferro’s murder.

Barr is making federal law enforcement work at Trump speed to stem the bleeding on our cities’ streets. Just after Biden offered a leftist elite woman with just the right level of melanin and ancestry, President Trump delivered real justice for an African-American child and his heartbroken mother. And Trump’s administration delivered this on the same day as this supposed chaotic, supposedly inferior administration delivered peace in the Middle East between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. Both of these accomplishments come the day after Secretary of State Pompeo spoke in Prague, rallying Europeans against the present danger of the Chinese Communist Party’s malign influence in Europe. Elections have very real consequences.

Here is what Attorney General Barr promised late last month for Operation LeGend:

Join Jim and Greg as they wince at the prospect of Sen. Kamala Harris being one of Joe Biden’s heart beats away from the presidency if the Democratic ticket wins in November. They also applaud Sarah Palin for her magnanimous advice to Harris based on her experience as John McCain’s running mate in 2008. And they hammer the “true conservatives” at the Lincoln Project for lavishing praise on Harris and laugh as Bill Kristol suggests only Harris and Pence should debate.

Remembering the Forgotten War: Armistice Day, July 24


freedom houseJuly 24, 1953, the UN forces, a thin cover for the United States, and the Chinese, with their new client state the North Koreans, stopped shooting at each other across the Korean Demilitarized Zone. This year is also the seventieth anniversary of the beginning of the war, started when the North Korean communists launched a lightening strike south, nearly winning before the U.S. could get enough troops, with the right equipment, supply lines, and leadership into place. This was the first war of the nuclear era, with the Soviets and U.S. each possessing deployable atomic bombs. Neither the Russians nor the United States wanted to have done to their cities what we had done to two Japanese cities. This was an important condition underlying the unwillingness to seek total victory. Today, South Korea stands as a sharp rebuke to any who would excuse or romanticize communism. Children born during that war on the two sides of the line have had such different lives. The two societies from one people have diverged so markedly.

Here is the annual presidential proclamation, designating July 27 as National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day:

Proclamation on National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day, 2020
VETERANS | Issued on: July 24, 2020

Full Speed Friday!


President TrumpFriday, July 24, was not a slow news day. Indeed the Trump White House was in overdrive. Kayleigh McEnany started with a reminder of the basic duty of government to uphold the law on our streets, and the dramatic failure of Democrats and their media wing to stand with decent citizens against anarchists, socialist thugs, and rioters. President Trump awarded the Medal of Freedom to a distinguished high school and Olympic athlete, former Congressman Jim Ryun. Ryun spoke up for honoring our country and the flag which stands for it. The core of his remarks was grounded in his Christian faith: “To God be the glory.  Great things He has done.” Finally, President Trump unleashed four powerful executive orders, slaughtering sacred cows neither party would touch for decades. He used his pen for the people, attacking the major causes of inflated prescription drug prices.

Crush’em Kayleigh! Kayleigh McEnany started with a short video showing the American people the violence of the falsely labeled “protests,” then closed with a short video showing police in a positive light.

President Trump Uses His Pen for the People


Trump Drug Price AnnouncementPresident Trump signed a stunning set of executive orders on Friday. He fundamentally restructured drug pricing and availability. He used his pen, apparently after years of legal and administrative review, to do what the congressional Republican’ts and Democrats have only postured about for decades. The president spoke with commonsense and indignity on behalf of ordinary Americans against Washington and global elites. At the same time, he characterized the big drug companies as great innovators, key to beating the Chinese virus, who are just stuck in the system. This is a negotiating posture, as those CEOs have been part of the rigged game.

President Trump is massively driving down the outrageously inflated prices of insulin and EpiPens. He is ending the crooked practice of middlemen pocketing large manufacturer discounts, leaving the retail pharmacy and the consumer with much higher prices. Note the manufacturers had already given the discounts; the discounts just were not getting to the pharmacy counter.

Not only did the president speak, he had others drive home the points. An insulin-dependent senior citizen spoke powerfully. A dental hygienist, widowed years ago with twin 4-year olds, spoke of the “unaffordable care act.” She spoke of a 15-year-old EpiPen, which had gone from perhaps $20 copay to $750 per EpiPen. She spoke of $75,000 in medical debt and praised President Trump for saving a single mother hundreds of dollars a month.

Twofer Tuesday: President Trump and Kayleigh McEnany Speak


Trump and McEnanyIt was a twofer Tuesday at the White House. Early in the day, Kayleigh McEnany delivered her usual elegant evisceration of the press pool jackals. President Trump then tagged and rolled in with a solo performance in a tight and disciplined 26 minutes. Off-camera, he took consequential action with his pen, signing an executive order on the Census. I extensively annotated and selectively bolded the official transcripts, presented below for your consideration. Tuesday’s performance by the president was markedly better, tighter, more disciplined, than many in the past. Or that is my view. I especially welcome feedback from those who have been supportive of his policies but off-put by his presentation manner in press conferences.

[Author’s note: Ricochet members and readers are perfectly able to index and regularly scan official sources, but most of us do not have that interest. I hope that this occasional series of official video and transcripts adds value to Ricochet, as good, factual reporting does elsewhere. Yes, I add my opinion and analysis in and around the official facts of what was spoken. And. This injection of opinion within long transcripts is clearly set off in brackets. You read, you decide. Why transcripts? Because text is so much faster than the spoken word. You can read closely or just skim for highlights so much faster than comprehensible speech. Why video? Because important parts of our communication are tone and physical gesture.]

Kayleigh McEnany opened with law and order, framing the administration’s response in Portland, Oregon. She closed with a defense of Dr. Birx, as a woman who is a true medical expert, who rose to the rank of colonel, and who fought HIV/AIDS. McEnany waved the 400-page notebook full of medical data Dr. Birx delivers to every governor weekly and denounced the New York Times for smearing her. President Trump briefed exclusively on COVID-19 for 14 minutes, then took questions for 12 minutes. The net result was good communication on both major issues the left intends to use to win in November. In his office, the President signed an executive order, and issued a statement, directing the Secretary of Commerce to exclude illegal aliens from the electoral apportionment report, a commonsense action. I leave aside all the actions being taken by the Vice President, First Lady, and Second Lady, cited with links at the end of this post.

Wednesday news: Operations LeGend and Warpspeed


President Trump followed his strong Tuesday performance with two disciplined appearances on Wednesday. He hit both of the major themes the Democrats have hoped they would ride to victory in November. First, he finally took direct action on urban violence, which takes a terrible toll on black lives every year, and then he held another brief and forceful COVID-19 briefing at the end of the day. In the first instance, he had a series of other speakers, while he maintained solo control of the message in the Chinese virus briefing, to the open frustration of the media jackals. In both cases, he continued to show message discipline, an encouraging two data points that we may all pray turns into a trend.

The first briefing was on reviving and massively reinforcing federal law enforcement anti-gang programs under long-established federal law. President Trump was very somber in his tone and appearance. Attorney General Barr and even FBI Director Wray were there to emphasize the entirely established nature of the crime-fighting initiative. The “so what” was answered by heart-breaking stories told by survivors who still mourn the loss of entirely innocent family members to violent crime.

President Trump pointed out that some states and cities were asking for help, and others were not. He showed that he would no longer use the cover of federalism to stand aside while Americans are terrorized in their own communities. This has been a key complaint from his voter base and from those who he seeks to persuade to cross party lines this fall.

Rob Long is in for Jim again today.  Today, Rob and Greg kick off the 2020 Major League Baseball season by enjoying a parody of how the Washington Nationals are failing to keep up with today’s woke cultural standards.  Then they cheer the U.S. for closing down the Chinese consulate in Houston.  They also chronicle a massive failure in Minneapolis as the effort to replace police there proves rather challenging.  And they roll their eyes as Joe Biden claims President Trump is America’s first racist president for calling the coronavirus the Chinese virus.  They also use the opportunity to bash the most racist president of in American history.

President Trump Remembers the Forgotten Americans


President Trump seems to be getting his legs back under him, pushing back on behalf of the forgotten Americans who suffer under the criminal gangs, aided and abetted by uni-party politicians and supposed civil rights groups, who have let the mask slip this year on their leftist core. At the same time, he is taking real action on regulatory reform that will be noticed in the suburbs.

  • Monday, July 13: Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany the Monday press conference honoring the memories of two Texas police officers who were murdered as they responded to a domestic violence call, and the death of another baby by a bullet from urban thugs.
  • Monday, July 13: President Trump met with a group of people who spoke up about the police being a positive force in their communities.
  • Wednesday, July 15: President Trump announced results against MS-13 and pointed to next week for unilateral actions to address urban violence in cities controlled by Democrats who refuse to enforce real public safety on their own constituents’ streets.
  • Wednesday, July 15: he rolled out a major administrative reform, not requiring any Congressional or court approval, to greatly shorten infrastructure project approval, making a difference in Americans’ lives. This will be felt in shorter commutes and safer driving conditions. At the same time, he slid in a critical attack on Biden and other leftists’ extortion scheme, tying highway funds to centralized planning, imposing multifamily housing and limiting single-family housing in the suburbs.

It is long past time for all of us, including the president, to make the daily refrain “Stand Up!

Monday: Here is how the week started:

Leftist Lies Show Desperation


The left lies. Effortlessly. Some lies are clever and some clumsy. The McNews (USAToday) lie in the form of a “fact check” is Clouseau clumsy. It is desperate because President Trump seriously threatens the left’s lazy lock on voters with darker skin. See for yourself.

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