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Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America return with three crazy martinis.  First, they shake their heads as President Trump tweets that those who died for our country would be really proud of his economic record.  They also roll their eyes as liberal politicians and media figures express outrage over images of illegal immigrant children being confined to cages – until they learn the images are from 2014 during the Obama administration  and then delete their tweets.  And they react to California scrambling to find records for tens of thousands of voters who were mistakenly enrolled twice, all of this just a week before primary day in the state.

Happy New Year!  Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America cheer the Iranian people for risking everything to rise up against the corrupt, autocratic mullahs in Tehran and applaud President Trump for a much better response than the Obama administration offered in 2009.  They also slam Democratic activists David Brock and Lisa Bloom for offering huge amounts of cash for additional women to publicly accuse Trump of sexual harassment or assault in the final days of the 2016 campaign.  And they unload on the mainstream media for either ignoring the uprisings in Iran or offering misleading explanations or the protests – all to protect a political narrative.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America react to Bowe Bergdahl pleading guilty to desertion and misbehavior before the enemy, glad that justice is being done and not being swept under the rug in the case of the soldier who left his unit in Afghanistan and was returned by the Obama administration in exchange for five top level Taliban detainees. They also groan as Iraqi forces are now fighting with the Kurds over territory in northern Iraq when they’re supposed to be finishing off ISIS. And they unload on Newsweek for its reckless reporting, including such gems as interviewing pedophile and former House Speaker Dennis Hastert about politics and declaring the Family Research Council a hate group.

David French of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America start the week with a whole menu of crazy martinis.  They rip CNN and other social justice types for declaring President Trump’s Columbus Day statement insufficient because he didn’t mention the suffering that the explorers inflicted upon the indigenous people who were already adept at slaughtering each other.  They’re also staggered as California enacts one law to criminalize the use of pronouns that conflict with a person’s stated gender identity and another law that no longer makes it a felony to expose a partner to HIV without telling them.  David refers to these laws as “extremism in service to the sexual revolution.”  And they react to Vice President Pence leaving Sunday’s Colts-49’ers game after some 49’ers knelt during the national anthem and President Trump’s tweetstorm against Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker.

In Defense of Dangerous Art


For almost two years, I have submitted occasional opinion pieces to Ricochet. However, for over eight years, under what is obviously a pseudonym, I have blogged a fair amount of political satire. It is not satire that one would describe as light-hearted and jocular. Rather, it is satire that is Juvenalian in mood: a more apt description would be “spitting.”

Before I would post them, quite a few of my satires caused me substantial anxiety: would this be the piece that finally prompts some sort of retaliation? As ridiculous as that anxiety might sound to some, for me it was very real. However, despite that anxiety, I reasoned that “God hates a coward” and posted each one. As far as I know, no retaliation ever came. However, that is probably not because the Democrats are not shockingly petty, vindictive, and intolerant, but rather it is probably because my satires are either too obtuse or too stylistically out of the mainstream to garner anything more than a handful of readers.

In contrast, representing the opposite of obtuse, consider Kathy Griffin’s latest outrageous piece of performance art which co-starred a decapitated in effigy President Trump. And representing the opposite of “stylistically out of the mainstream,” consider her non-apology press conference – a further piece of performance art – that is now posted on YouTube and that I satirically refer to as “Innocence of Kathy Griffin.” And while I’m sure that the content of her presser is now well tread territory, there are two specific comments, one from each of Ms. Griffin’s attorneys, that I believe still merit further attention.



RA-stopwhitepeople2k16Unfortunately I did not make up this hashtag. In fact, it’s not a hashtag in a social media search-term way. It’s the name of a course for Residential Assistants (what I remember calling dorm parents) at SUNY Binghamton.

Let me repeat: #StopWhitePeople2K16 is a training course for those responsible for our kids domiciles while at college.

According to the Binghamton Review “the event was meant to teach RA’s about “understanding diversity, privilege, and the society we function within.” This type of rhetoric is commonplace in the university, and has become inseparable from the concept of social justice.”

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Yesterday, I completed an eight year project, one that I didn’t fully realize that I was committing to when I began it. For the past eight years, I have assumed the role of President Obama’s unrequested, undesired, and disapproving poet laureate. For the past eight years, I have been President Obama’s birthday troll. Not that […]

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As I am sure that all of you heard, President Obama endorsed Clinton to be the next President.  But I just wonder why does it feel like when it was reported through different media outlets that it was supposed to be a surprise or something? It’s politics as usual.  I mean: did anyone really think that he […]

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Obama Plans to Close Guantanamo


Fulfilling one of his last campaign promises, Obama has sent Congress his plan to close the Guantanamo Bay prison:

Unveiling the plan from the Roosevelt Room at the White House, the president made clear his frustration at how what was once a bipartisan goal shared by both his predecessor, President George W. Bush, and his 2008 Republican opponent, Senator John McCain, had become a partisan dispute. He urged Congress to give his plan a “fair hearing,” saying the prison wasted money, raised tensions with allies and fueled anti-American sentiments abroad.

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Before Obama was elected President, relations between various whites and minorities were probably as good as they have ever been since the 1960s. Morgan Freeman hadn’t yet embarrassed himself by voting for an empty suit, but instead offered this gem during a conversation with Mike Wallace on 60 Minutes:  FREEMAN: What do you do with yours? […]

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How Republicans Can Win the Supreme Court Media Battle


SCOTUS“The only winning move is not to play.” — Joshua, War Games, 1983

The passing of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has changed the 2016 political landscape. There is bipartisan consensus on that point, and that point alone. What remains uncertain is how this will play out. But there is only one clear path for Republican candidates and senators: Starve the media of this story.

This much we know:

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As of today, there is only one year left in the Obama Presidency. This could be a time to reflect on his disastrous policies – doubling the national debt, strangling the economy under a record number of new regulations, turning the Middle East into a giant tire fire – but instead, let’s mark this anniversary […]

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The Chinese Have Already Cemented Obama’s Legacy


521886277FL00047_U_S_PresidTuesday’s State of the Union address could easily be summarized as President Obama making one last rhetorical defense of his presidency to an unconvinced American people who possess no tangible signs of his success. We have to be constantly reminded of the things President Obama has “accomplished” because they have simply created little to no immediate value for the American people. The Affordable Care Act, for example, is increasing health insurance premiums and decreasing the quality of coverage. Defenders of the president will quickly point out that many of his signature policies, like the Iranian Nuclear Deal with the major powers including China or the climate agreement with China specifically, likely won’t bear fruit for many years and are simply investments for the future. This may be the case and it would be naive to expect immediate positive results from these major policy changes.

The only thing more naive is to trust that the Chinese government will adhere to the terms of long-term international agreements.

Obama’s signature achievements, to be polite, on foreign policy and climate/energy run through Beijing. First, the Chinese must be willing to punish their not too distant neighbor and soon-to-be major trading partner, including oil supplier, should the Iranians decide to build a nuclear weapon. This would be a tall order regardless of Beijing’s reputation. China is currently bordered by four known nuclear-armed states, including North Korea and Pakistan, and has a major weapons program itself. It’s hard to imagine they care as deeply about nutjobs with nukes as much as we do given the circumstances. China is also supposedly committed to begin reducing its carbon emissions by, according to official White House language, “around 2030.”

Down with the State of the Union


Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 8.43.09 AMThat may have been the dullest speech from President Obama I have ever heard; certainly, the worst since his last State of the Union. Like his policies and ideas, his rhetoric has lost its luster. I used to watch his speeches and get nervous about how his smooth-talking and charming style could sell the country on his destructive, big government agenda. I don’t feel that worry anymore. When I watch his speeches now, I feel bored and unstimulated. Perhaps he’s gone to the well too many times. Perhaps the “hope and change” optimism is finally gone. All I hear are the same old ideas, talking points, and rhetorical devices we’ve heard repeated ad nauseam throughout his presidency.

I tuned in with the intention of finding material to counter and assumptions to challenge. Honestly, though, I found myself so uninterested while watching that I gave up on whatever policy discussion I was aiming for. The only observation worth mentioning is how utterly pointless the State of the Union is.

The whole event has devolved into a pep rally. It’s embarrassing to watch old men and women — elected officials in the highest offices of the land, no less — cheer like teenagers at the mere mention of a topic. Not a solution to a problem or a method of implementing a policy mind you, just a mere reference to an issue is enough to earn raucous cheering and a standing ovation. It makes me wonder who this is event is for. Well, no it doesn’t. It’s obvious. The president stands and delivers a shallow speech and is inundated with applause after every phrase. We know exactly who this event is for.

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The Secretary shall not attempt to influence, incentivize, or coerce State adoption of the Common Core State Standards… [The NCLB replacement] does something exquisitely rare — it actively shrinks the federal footprint, in perhaps the sharpest reversal of federal ambitions since the welfare-reform act of 1996. Preview Open

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“Nothing to Do with Islam”


Militant Islamist fighter waving a flag, cheers as he takes part in a military parade along the streets of Syria's northern Raqqa provinceIn the aftermath of Paris and before San Bernardino, Hillary Clinton articulated the forced catechism of the Left: “Let’s be clear: Islam is not our adversary. Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism.”

What happens when a major political party becomes so wedded to political correctness that it feels constrained to deny reality? Clinton could hardly have chosen a less opportune moment to squeeze her eyes shut about the threat of Islamic extremism – a threat that is glaringly, blazingly obvious.

The first part of what Mrs. Clinton said was true. Islam is not our adversary. There are an estimated 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, and if all of them were violent extremists, we’d have a planet drowning in blood. Most Muslims are peaceful. Beyond that, they practice charity, care for the sick, and encourage good works.

Without Congress, Obama’s Paris Climate Change Powers Limited



John Bolton and I have a piece in the LA Times arguing that the Obama administration cannot reach any meaningful deal at the Paris climate talks because he refuses to seek consent from the Senate or Congress. The more he promises — such as pollution caps or financial support for developing nations — the more he needs the cooperation of the legislature.

The Paris deal could not survive the Constitution’s treaty process because of the President’s poor relations with the Senate, especially on foreign policy and national security, nor could he win legislative changes by Congress, which is currently rejecting the latest ideas from the EPA on limiting greenhouse gases. Obama will probably have to rely on an executive agreement, the weakest and most tentative of our forms of international agreements because they are not even mentioned in the Constitution and depend on a President’s exercise of his sole constitutional powers. From our piece:

Obama and the Office of the Petulancy


Barack ObamaIt’s difficult to overstate how poorly Barack Obama performed at Monday’s press conference from the G20 summit in Antalya, Turkey. As France deals with the aftermath of an ISIS attack leaving 132 dead (so far), hundreds wounded, and thousands of lives shattered, the ersatz leader of the free world responded with an embarrassing display of indifference, peevishness, and open contempt. He was less “President Obama” and more “Petulant Obama.”

As reporters lobbed obvious questions about Obama’s dismissive description of ISIS as a JV team, his broken promise to degrade and destroy the group, and the massive intelligence failure that rocked Europe, he seemed annoyed at all the fuss.

“There will be setbacks and there will be successes,” Obama said calmly. “The terrible events in Paris were a terrible and sickening setback.”

Obama on Oregon Shooting: ‘This Is Something We Should Politicize’


Obama-Umpquah-ShootingPresident Obama delivered an angry statement on the Thursday shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, OR. “Each time we see one of these mass shootings,” he said from the White House briefing room podium, “our thoughts and prayers are not enough.

In a 15-minute statement, Obama stressed that the US is “the only advanced country on Earth that sees these kinds of mass shootings every couple of months.” He praised the gun control efforts in Australia, a nation that conducted a mass confiscation of firearms from its citizenry.

The President repeatedly complained about the Republican-led Congress and gun rights advocates. “There is a gun for roughly every man, woman, and child in America,” he said, “so how can you with a straight face say more guns will make us safer?”