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Best. President-Elect. Ever.


The candidates I preferred would not have nominated people so committed to reining in the excesses and reversing the mistakes of their new departments. The first instinct of every organization is to increase its own power; these are the best choices to fight that instinct. Likewise, the candidates I preferred would not have nominated an ambassador to Israel as strongly pro-Israel as David Friedman. Nor would they have successfully worked with Egypt to withdraw a UN resolution, or with the United Kingdom to (I strongly suspect) threaten to veto the next resolution if the outgoing US administration abstained.

They may have wanted to do these things, but they couldn’t have pulled them off. They would have been destroyed by the bullying press, just as they were destroyed by The Donald. They would have been forced to back down or compromise, and they would have learned never to act so boldly again.

Yes, the president-elect still scares me. Yes, his tweets often make me cringe. But in the current environment, he may be the only man who can turn back the various forms of totalitarian evil that are (or were) on the rise. And those people have spent the past two months proving that they are as unhinged, hateful, and dangerous as we thought. They would be more dangerous had November 8 gone differently.