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A few suggestions on preparing for the Kamala Harris/Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Era of “Social Democracy.”  – In the future, you will have less money, so buy stuff now. As the quasi-socialist and extreme environment agendas are implemented, taxes and energy costs are necessarily going to skyrocket as they have in European Social Democracies. As a result, […]

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Irma Not So La Douce


Damage from Hurricane Irma

As some of you know, the northwest part of the eye wall from Hurricane Irma passed right over our house in southwest Florida this weekend. We took the worst part of that hurricane and we took it for two hours straight. Our family is fine, our house is essentially undamaged and we are starting to get our lives back together now, three days since it passed us.

Here are a few observations from the experience:

Our Diversity Is Our Strength


shutterstock_143305756Connecting a few dots here…

Violent Islamic terrorists and often-violent Black Lives Matter hangers-on are self-organizing through peer-to-peer networks, and as a result, they can strike quicker and faster than governments can manage. Terrorists are agile, while the blue-state model of government is not. Terrorist live in a post-industrial world while our first responders still hobble around in the outmoded, industrial-age shackles of centralized, top-down planning and strategy.

But it doesn’t need to be that way. Thanks to the empowerment of the Internet and the smartphone, we are becoming less and less reliant on central government for how we live our lives. Why, therefore, can’t we use peer-to-peer networking and decentralized response to our advantage? Just as Uber and AirBnB turn our consumer goods into something that helps others, we can turn the smartphone and the concealable defensive pistol into something that protects ourselves and others. We have smartphone apps that can show us the stupid places where stupid people are doing the stupid things that might get us in trouble, and we have apps that will summon help from our friends if we chose to ignore the warning signs and go there anyways or if bad things happen to us despite all our planning. We can carry a portable, concealable means of defending ourselves and our loved ones from lethal force and also carry a portable, concealable means of keeping people alive if the worst happens and lethal force is used against us.

Prep for What’s Likely, not What’s Possible


When my family lived in Phoenix, we didn’t have much to worry about. The Phoenix area is remarkably free from natural disasters: There are no earthquakes worth mentioning, no forest fires, no tornadoes, no hurricanes, no blizzards. Life there was pretty good, right up to the point when the power goes out and the water stops, at which point, everyone there is going to die.

That’s not the sort of thing you can prep for, aside from slapping on a hockey mask and going full Rockatansky.