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Our family tradition on Black Friday is for my brother to take my six children out for lunch and shopping. They all look forward to it each year, and Papa Toad and I get a break. As our children are getting older, that break becomes less important, but this year we both had a couple of yard projects we hadn’t been able to finish and we looked forward to the consecutive hours that would be ours. Several weeks ago, Papa Toad felled three 70-80 foot spruces that still needed some cleanup, and I had some garden work I’d been neglecting, cutting back my raspberry canes and pulling the last of the carrots and the like, that I wanted to get done before the big snowstorm expected Sunday into Monday.

I’m glad I got them out before the snow began to fly this morning. Papa Toad was able to finish his work as well. The photo to the right is the garden right now.