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The Case for Marriage


Writing about the decline of marriage is the center-right’s bread and butter, and for good reason: The connection between the marriage rate and society’s overall health is so obvious that even academia seems to have trouble avoiding the evidence. And while there are specific (albeit important) matters of disagreement among conservatives — same sex marriage, what to do about the too-high divorce rate, etc. — it’s safe to say we’re all on the same team in terms of wanting a society with a healthier and more robust attitude toward marriage. The trick is figuring out how to nudge things in that direction.

Toward that end, Prager University has produced a video pitching marriage to a male audience, arguing that marriage is not only in society’s best interest, but also in that of individual men: i.e., that getting married often brings real material and social rewards to men, in addition to those provided by and through their wives.

Want to Drive an Electric Car? Move to France.


Though I gather some of the statistics it cites are disputed, Bjørn Lomborg’s new Prager U video on electric cars is an excellent example of how to think through an issue. In short, don’t be so enamored of first-order benefits that you ignore the second-order costs, and don’t forget to consider whether there might be better uses of one’s resources, even if the net benefits are positive.

Video: “Does Free Speech Offend You?”


Today I’m pleased to announce the release of a new video I made with Prager University. The video — Does Free Speech Offend You? — discusses the threats freedom of speech faces worldwide.

In the video I talk about both old and new threats to freedom of speech, including European governmental censorship, campus speech codes, and novel issues posted by newer theories and practices like trigger warnings and microaggressions. I also cover these topics in more detail in my short book Freedom From Speech and The Coddling of the American Mind, the article I co-wrote with Jonathan Haidt for The Atlantic. Check out the video (after the jump) and let me know what you think!

Get the Politics Out of Money


George Will’s Prager University video on the regulation of political speech is one of the best the site has ever produced: it’s insightful, slick, and hard-hitting without being explicitly partisan. Watch the whole thing and post it on Facebook; it might get someone thinking. Towards the end, however, Will makes a point in passing that deserved more attention: