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We Need to Engage this Fight


In my last post about outcomes following the election, I suggested that no matter who wins, there will be violence. The discussion was exceptional, with a whole range of possibilities suggested. I’ve been thinking about the potential of violence a great deal, and I’m feeling even more certain that no matter who wins, there will be riots and destruction. If Trump wins, outbreaks of violence are almost guaranteed. If Biden wins, violent demonstrations are less likely, but they are possible. The extreme actors on both the Left and Right will probably show up, not necessarily for partisan reasons, and it will be ugly.

I’m making this prediction because the vicious rioters of the Left know that if Biden is elected, he won’t do anything. They will have the ability to do essentially anything they want. We already know that the local authorities are inept and won’t act. Every city in America will be threatened.

So we must do all we can to ensure a Trump victory. This time around Trump will not hesitate; the potential level of destruction will require engagement of the National Guard and other parts of the military. My only hope is that the military will act responsibly and follow orders. I worry that enough of the military has been corrupted by the Left that they may hesitate to act or may even give orders to stand down.