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Join Jim and Greg as they get three or even four pieces of good news over President Biden deciding to sign legislation to reverse new, softer crime laws in Washington, D.C., if the Senate passes it. They also wince as Portland’s rampant looting problems force Nike to demand security from off-duty police officers and Walmart announces it is closing every store in the city. Finally, they get kick out of Sen. Joe Manchin trying to get back in the good graces of West Virginia voters by pretending he’s not sure if he would support President Biden for another term.

This Week’s Book Review: Liberty Factory


Before Portland, OR, became the upscale city mocked in Portlandia, it was a down-at-the-heels lumber town and port hard hit by the Great Depression. Its transformation began in World War II, when Portland and its cross-river companion, Vancouver, became major shipbuilding centers. Henry Kaiser established shipyards in the two cities.  These produced ships by the score: Liberty ships, Victory ships, escort carriers, troop transports, and tankers. The wartime shipyards turned Portland into an industrial powerhouse, financing its future prosperity.

“Liberty Factory: The Untold Story of Henry Kaiser’s Oregon Shipyards,” by Peter J. Marsh, tells the story of that transformation. Marsh reveals how Portland acquired the shipyards and chronicles their activities during World War II. Along the way, these shipyards produced over 700 ships. Big ships – all displaced over 10,000 tons.

Marsh shows why Henry Kaiser chose Portland for the location of two major shipyards and Vancouver for a third.  Marsh shows how the shipyards were built – all within months. As Marsh shows, this included more than building the manufacturing centers. Kaiser also built the offices these shipyards needed and housing, child care centers, and hospitals for its workers.

I’m Part of the Herd and You’re (Probably) Not


I’m a veteran. Yes, yes, I know you want to thank me for my service. Never mind. I was a supply clerk, for goodness sake. I got a paper cut once (hurt like the dickens), but I never got within a thousand miles of a battlefield. In fact, I only scored Marksman on the rifle range, the lowest of three classifications, so I probably wouldn’t have been able to hit the foe with a bullet even if the Army had shipped me off to Afghanistan.

OK, I got that off my chest. But being a veteran (I was called up twice) got me access to a COVID-19 vaccine. Well, that, and the fact that I’m 82 years old.

A California Resident’s Gratitude


We have all watched the spectacle of very bad politicians getting re-elected time and time again. Think Marion Barry or Harold Washington. Mayor Ray Nagin got re-elected after refusing to evacuate New Orleans before Hurricane Katrina. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mayor De Blasio got re-elected. Then there is just about every elected official in California.

We see mayors do nothing while their own cities get burned down and wonder just how bad is bad enough. Will they get re-elected?

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The Democratic talking point that the riots are happening in “Trump’s America,” isn’t going to be laughable forever. It’s laughable now because it’s obvious that Democratic mayors and governors are allowing it to happen and refusing help from the President. Add to that what they are doing to their own police. Preview Open

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Join Jim and Greg as they focus on the mayhem continuing in the streets of American cities.  They’re very bullish on the idea of Indiana Rep. Jim Banks to end unemployment benefits for anyone convicted of committing a federal offense at a protest. They also scratch their heads as Joe Biden and other Democrats condemn President Trump for wanting to use federal power to stop the rioting while also trying to blame Trump for the destruction in the first place. And they examine the pathetic case of Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, who grovels to the radicals more and more as they treat him worse and worse.

Losing More Friends


I have (or used to have) two close friends who dislike Trump.  One dislikes him, the other has full-blown Trump Derangement Syndrome.

  1. My friend who lives in Santa Monica refuses to discuss BLM with me.  He is not black.  He is a citizen of Canada who was born in Sarajevo and has lived in California since 2003.  He has Trump Derangement Syndrome.
  2. The second friend grew up in Orange County (which used to be a GOP region in California) and now lives in a suburb of Portland.

Neither one refuses to denounce the rioting of BLM and Antifa.

Portland Goes Over the Brink


The continuing unrest in Portland, Oregon, which has now lasted some 55 nights, exemplifies the breakdown of law and order that has become a daily occurrence in many cities with progressive mayors. Portland police are nowhere to be found at the sight of the protests outside the Mark O. Hatfield Courthouse, a federal building. On June 26, President Trump issued an Executive Order sending federal troops to protect the courthouse—and so far, they have made at least 43 arrests. The President minced no words when he attacked the protesters as “anarchists and left-wing extremists” spurred on by “agitators who have traveled across State lines” to wreak havoc.

Both his words and his use of federal troops have provoked a fierce reaction. Writing in The Atlantic, Ronald Brownstein accused the President of driving an ugly wedge between Red and Blue America to boost his reelection chances this coming November. Similarly, The Atlantic’s Quinta Jurecic and Benjamin Wittes insist that it violates the rule of law for plainclothes federal agents to arrest local protestors and cart them away in unmarked vehicles. Meanwhile, Joe Biden accused the Trump administration of “brutally attacking peaceful protesters.” And Nancy Pelosi has likened the federal agents to “stormtroopers.”

This chorus of criticism rests on the assumption that all governmental processes should be transparent and above board, and that any federal presence in local communities only will further inflame a tense situation.

‘Rules? In a Knife Fight?’: Examining Lawyer’s Claims of Police ‘Assault’ in Portland


Many years ago I watched Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. I remember a scene where Paul Newman, as Butch, faced down a hulk of a man who wanted a knife fight. Butch said there had to be rules. “Rules? In a knife fight?” The other man was incredulous.

At which point Butch kicked him in that tenderest of places and said “Okay, you don’t want rules, no rules.” He convinced the man he was wrong in a painful lesson regarding rules. I often think about that because rules are a good thing. Which leads me to my topic today, which concerns an attorney in Oregon arrested at the federal courthouse riots and who claimed to be sexually assaulted.

Here’s the story about the lawyer. Arrested for misdemeanor assault on a federal officer, and failure to obey a lawful order, Jennifer Kristiansen will get her day in court. She is, of course, presumed innocent until proved guilty. But some things should be obvious upfront. Lawyers know and understand their duty to obey a lawful order by a law enforcement officer. They know it’s a crime to disobey. They also understand what an assault is, and that there are penalties for assault on a federal officer. As lawyers, they know that they are required to tell the truth, even when it hurts their case, and that if they choose to speak, they must speak truthfully. They also know there is a rule to prohibits statements that are intended to influence a jury before trial.

Chad Benson is in for Jim Geraghty. Today, Chad and Greg discuss the political insanity playing out in Portland, as the media and the mayor paint the violent mob as the victims now that federal forces are there to protect government property. However, Chad wonders whether Portland should be left to suffer the results of its own radicalism. They also dig into the congressional fight over unemployment benefits and wonder if another widespread COVID shutdown is on the way. And they have fun with the news that the “Washington Football Team” will not have a mascot for the 2020 NFL season.

Alexandra DeSanctis of National Review is in for Jim today. Join her and Greg as they discuss Planned Parenthood finally admitting that founder Margaret Sanger was an advocate of eugenics and that it is taking her name off its Manhattan facility. They also unload on Portland “leaders” for allowing seven weeks of violence and property destruction to go on without consequences but denouncing the federal government for stepping in to deal with the problem. And Alexandra wonders why Joe Biden is trying to win over religious conservatives after endorsing taxpayer-funded abortions and suing nuns over birth control coverage.

Antifa Portland Zone Fails


Aborted Antifa Portland AZ

Rioters attempting to establish an AZ in Portland.

Striking a welcome contrast to the Seattle experience, Portland greeted rioting Antifa terrorists in a more appropriate manner. From the Washington Times:

Black community leaders decried Friday the protesters who wreaked havoc on a predominantly minority Portland neighborhood in an attempt to set up a Seattle-style autonomous zone, telling the rioters to “get your knee off our neck.”

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Oregon War Memorial Vandalized as Antifascist Protest Turns Violent Where have we heard this before?  Or, rather, when?  Obviously, it is a continuing theme of the domestic terrorist group that calls itself Antifa.  They look for things to vandalize, and law-enforcement officers to attack.  Now, the article states that this was a counter-protest, of a […]

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Police, Andy Ngo, and, Antifa Violence in Portland, OR


This past weekend, a quiet, unassuming journalist, Andy Ngo, was roughed-up and badly injured by an Antifa mob in Portland. That was bad enough in itself, but multiple media outlets note that the Portland Police seem to have stood by and let it happen. There have been a number of stories lately about the Portland Police’s passive attitude toward Antifa thugs who bring their brand of “demonstrations” to downtown Portland often. So, the well-known Leftists who run Portland (and Seattle, for that matter), who constantly deplore all sorts of violence, don’t seem to mind this kind of violence.

Well, this particular journalist is fighting back. He has lawyered-up and is planning to sue any and all organizations who contributed to his injuries. More power to him, and may he be successful.

Andy Ngo joins City Journal editor Brian Anderson to discuss the recent outbreak of violence in Portland between far-left activists, commonly referred to as Antifa, and right-wing groups that gathered to oppose them.

Pacific Northwest cities like Portland and Seattle have long been hotbeds for extreme left-wing political movements. Recently, video emerged of black-clad Antifa activists directing midday traffic and harassing drivers in Portland’s business district. A week later, street brawls broke out after an Oregon-based right-wing group called Patriot Prayer held a march in downtown Portland, purportedly in protest of the mayor’s oversight of the police and leniency with far-left activists.

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What is Oregon Governor Kate Brown talking about here? Most of us probably struggle to convey our religious beliefs but she almost sounds like she has never given it any thought. Giving some rambling response about spirits and yoga when asked about your religious beliefs is…quite Portland. Brown seems, for some reason, unwilling to acknowledge […]

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Portland: “Lord of the Flies” Redux


The “occupation” of an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) field office for five weeks in June and July, and a violent confrontation between anarchist “Antifa” groups and a Patriot Prayer/Proud Boys group on August 4, both occurring in Portland, OR, are reminiscent of the tribalism and descent into depravity depicted in William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, first published in 1954.

Golding’s classic novel depicts the fate of British schoolboys marooned on a tropical island during an unnamed war. The boys organize into two groups, one led by Ralph, assisted by bespectacled, overweight Piggy, and another led by the malevolent Jack. The two groups have conflicts over hunting, work rules, and power on their remote island.