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Oprah: A Pawn of the Left?


Consider the possibility that Oprah Winfrey may actually run for president. There are plenty of reasons why she shouldn’t or wouldn’t, but let me tell you why she might, and why the Right should be concerned. I want to thank Georgi Boorman for her article in The Federalist for inspiring me to explore the following: why we should be worried if Oprah runs for president.

First, Oprah has a huge fan base. They adore her. Unlike Barack Obama, people feel as if they know her, know what kind of person she is, and admire her integrity and directness. I have to admit that I do like and admire Oprah; after all, she overcame huge odds to become one of the most successful people in the world. And she’s likeable and smart, too. Anyway, when people like a celebrity a lot, they will give credence to his or her ideas, and they especially like Oprah because she essentially says to her audience: you can do anything:

The highest honor on earth that you will ever have is the honor of being yourself. And your only job in the world is to figure out, that’s what this movie is about … people think your job is to get up and go and raise money and take care of your family. That’s an obligation that you have, but your only true job as a human being is to discover why you came, why you are here.

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Folks, if you missed the gun, Ricochet’ own Mark started what we could make into a long series of posts on Sinatra. It’s been an hundred years to the day. Sinatra has qualities that recommend him to conservatives–& other qualities, too. He may have been the first of the singers America learned to love whom […]

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Peak Obama


shutterstock_143026333When presidents hit the mid-points of their last terms in office, they get obsessed by legacy issues. How will history remember me? is what they think about. It’s only natural: publishers start approaching about the Big Book they’re all going to write, it’s time to raise money for the presidential library, they can feel the center of political gravity start to shift away from them and towards the Next Thing.

Some of them — and I’m talking to you, Mr. President — might look at their sagging approval numbers and think, well, these will get better, right?  

For Obama, the news is bad. From Politico: