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The most recent mass-shootings have grabbed the attention of the country. I have lots of thoughts on this issue, but I think sometimes it is better to quote others than to give my own rant. My early morning routine helps me organize my thoughts for the day. I probably spend an hour each morning, reading through Catholic Twitter to get my news – I usually browse through around 20 accounts. There were three quotes I read over the past few days on Catholic Twitter on the horrible shootings in El Paso and Dayton that really struck me. One quote has really annoyed me, another quote I posted in the Ricochet Catholics Group, and the final quote I posted at the Firing Line Group. @bossmongo suggested that I should share this final quote on the Member Feed and I thought I should add the others as well.

I’ll start with the final quote first. It comes from John Zmirak, from his article Nazi Gun Control: Three Words that Go Together. He ends his interesting take on an old argument for 2A rights with this: