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Book a Private Movie Night


If you want the ultimate movie night, now is a golden opportunity. Until this pandemic abates or is dealt with, movie theaters across the country are trying about anything they can think of to stay afloat. Between customers too scared to come in, capacity restrictions, or out and out mandatory closures, while actually competing with movie studios going right to streaming while still charging premium screening costs to struggling theaters, many theaters may not even be around in another year. So they’re innovating.

Since you are not legally permitted to publicly show anything in your DVD collection, but you can show it privately, theaters are letting you privately book their giant screens and sound systems, and let you see your favorite films “on the big screen” the way they were intended in the first place. Tonight we took up a local theater on the opportunity.

I don’t know how many movie theaters will survive the pandemic. Many were doing poorly before COVID anyway, and now they’re practically begging for customers. In recent years even the large multiplex theaters have been offering customers the ability to book a screen, but the pricing has usually been affordable only for businesses, and the times available have likewise been in the daytime. This makes sense of course, as these are large buildings to heat or cool, and to staff for concessions and cleaning, so if one is going to open up for a private event, it needs to be remunerative. In this, the smaller independent theaters have a bit of an advantage – they only a few people on duty. Our local theater has decided to get in on the act.

Group Writing: Drive-in Movies, Popcorn and Car Beds


Taking a family of five to a regular indoor movie could be very expensive in the 1950s, even if you tried to sneak in your own candy (which we did). It was much cheaper to go to the drive-in theater. When I was around 10 years old, my brother was 8 and my little sister was 3 (and always slept through the movie), we would pile into the car to see a movie. Going to the drive-in was a true adventure, full of the unexpected and out-of-the-ordinary experiences.

Before we left in the late afternoon, Dad would make a huge batch of popcorn. He used a heavy metal skillet with a heavy glass lid. I would often watch him as he carefully measured the oil, the popcorn, and put on the glass lid, followed by shuffling the pan back and forth on the gas burner. (Obviously, this was long before popcorn poppers or Jiffy pop.) The amount of shuffling was important, since getting just the right rhythm ensured that most of the corn would be popped and not burnt. I was his right-hand girl, breathing in the aroma during the entire process.

Member Post


I mean, thanks so much for dinner last night, @philturmel! Almanzo sat on a footstool by the stove, an apple in his hand, a bowl of popcorn by his side, and his mug of cider on the hearth by his feet. He bit the juicy apple, then he ate some popcorn, then he took a […]

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CNN’s Horrible, Terrible, No-good, Very Bad Week, Part XIV


So, CNN hasn’t been having the best week. First it published a hit piece against President Trump advisor Anthony Scaramucci. He threatened to sue and it got memory holed. Then CNN had to head deeper into CYA mode with a memo to news teams that they can’t publish Russia related stories without a VP signing off on it and that people will be disciplined. (I won’t post the BuzzFeed original reporting on this, because they’re scum, even though they did a good job here. Props, but still scum.) Then three top CNN staffers “resigned” due to behavior unbecoming (editorial note: they made the unforgivable error of being caught rather than actual malpractice). They’ve also had to deal with Jim Acosta trying to grandstand and play the victim that persisted, who nevertheless got dunked on by Sean Spicer (the real one, not the Spicier one).

And now this breaks: