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Death by a Thousand Cuts


Are you familiar with the phrase used in the title? It comes from an ancient Chinese method used against criminals called Lingchi. It describes a kind of torture, actions that slowly and painfully lead eventually to the death of the victim.

Over the last several months, as I study the suffering that has been spreading across this country, I live in a personal state that shifts from bewilderment to dismay. There seems to be no end to the misery that has been inflicted on U.S. citizens, and to bring sanity to my perspective, I decided to tally several of the destructive policy actions taken by Biden’s administration and also note how their inaction has been just as damaging.

The despair of the American people has reached a new low, and there’s no sign of recovery in the near future. The actions (or inaction, as the case may be) of the Biden Administration demonstrate a widespread indifference to the impact of their actions on the populace. I think many of us choose to deal with the situations by looking at them as they occur, one instance at a time. I think the way the media broadcasts current events is designed to make sure that at no given time are we bombarded with an onslaught of bad news. That strategy is not new, but due to the multitude of attacks on our way of life, we are not inured to the growing pain. I don’t intend to increase the pain of our citizens by my observations, but if we are going to face the state of the country and seemingly endless suffering, it makes sense to take a good, hard look at the comprehensive effects on our lives.