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Why Leftist Jews Distrust Evangelical Christians


When I was attending Cal State Long Beach, I remember one lunchtime when I was approached in the cafeteria by a young man. I don’t remember exactly what he asked me, but I know it had to do with Jesus, and I was immediately put off. I had spent most of my growing up years feeling like an outsider (as a Jew) and a heretic (for not accepting Jesus), and I brusquely rejected his inquiry. He politely walked away, but his unsolicited inquiry has stayed with me.

But my perspective towards Christians in general and Evangelicals specifically has changed dramatically. Due to the communities with which I socialize and my limited but sincere practice of Judaism, coupled with my curiosity about religions, I welcome input from my Christian friends and have found them to be very kind (except for one Ricochetee who believed that the Jewish religion was no longer relevant). So, I thought I might benefit from learning the nature of the relationship between Jews and Evangelicals, the complexity and diversity of those relationships, and how we might all benefit from knowing each other better.

By beginning with the Jews on the political Left, we can see the most current reasons for Jews rejecting and distrusting Christians:

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News Alert: Newsom and His Administration Are Corrupt


I know that is a shocker to see for anyone with two eyes, but there it is.

Our fearless Serene Highness Emperor Governor Gavin Newsom has authorized a sweetheart deal for medical management group Kaiser Permanente to take on new Medi-Caid (Medi-Cal in CA) patients.

LA Times indicates that it is concerning. Not because Kaiser is a bloated entity that exists primarily to give the appearance of “health maintenance” while denying actual treatment to actually sick people. But because the siphoning of state funds directly to Kaiser puts the dream of single-payer in jeopardy.  Sorry, I mean “Medi-Cal reform.”