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Brace for the Red Wave (And Some Advice for the GOP)


I have long been certain, even in the wake of the Supreme Court decision in Dobbs, that the midterms were going to be a bloodbath for the Democratic Party. When some conservative (or so-called conservative) pundits began wringing their hands that Dobbs would surely spell electoral doom for Republicans, I held fast to my belief that — to quote James Carville — it’s ultimately the economy, stupid.

And the economic news is bleak, no matter how much the Biden White House tries to spin things.

Quote of the Day: On Voting


“The most interesting incident Tuesday morning was my walking to a building on Thirty-fourth Street to enter a booth and push levers on a voting machine. I have never understood why anybody passes up that bargain. It doesn’t cost a cent, and for that couple of minutes, you’re the star of the show, with top billing. It’s the only way that really counts for you to say I’m it, I’m the one that decides what’s going to happen and who’s going to make it happen. It’s the only time I really feel important and know I have a right to.” — Rex Stout, A Family Affair

Do I have to remind anyone that Tuesday is election day, and it is (as it always seems to be lately) the most important vote of our lifetimes? On Ricochet, probably not.

Pelosi, DePape, and the Politics of Mental Illness


The news has come out that Paul Pelosi’s assailant DePape has admitted it was political. That he admitted he was indeed there to force Nancy to tell the truth. For most of the Twit-punditry, this has meant a spiked football for them. The Right’s narrative is destroyed! The Right encourages violence and they need to pay!

However comma…

Member Post


Let’s get one thing clear. I will never vote for Lisa Murkowski, and I hope everyone in Alaska will join me in retiring her very soon. That then begs the question: Who should Alaskans vote for? The quick answer is anyone else, and a lot of people I respect have settled on Kelly Tshibaka as the […]

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Wisdom, honesty, truth and common sense go a long way – in politics and life.  So it’s hard to believe the words coming out of the president’s mouth that conservatives, mainly those that support a “Make America Great Again” philosophy, are now considered “semi-fascists”.  This is a lie.  Biden is labeling people because they want […]

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Campaign Promise: No Mean Tweets in 2024


With the midterm elections coming and possible 2024 candidates dipping their toes in the political pool, Americans want a guarantee — be nice and civil, and that means no mean tweets. Mark Alexander posts the “Funnies” on the Ricochet Member Feed, for which I am grateful for the many laughs. This is a good one that deserves further comments or additions.

Making America energy independent, bringing back manufacturing and jobs; securing the borders from drugs and criminals; and asking that illegals coming into our country follow the law and enter through legal channels like other countries; teach English, math, science, and history to our children instead of gender fluidity; support our brave law enforcement, military and other first responders; and clean up our unlivable cities and towns by creating opportunity instead of ignoring the homeless and sick — these are secondary in importance.

The most important is that we must have no more mean tweets!

Is There a Politics-Free Zone Anywhere?


I don’t want to have political discussions with people on the Left. Period.

On the third Wednesday of every month, I have a Zoom meeting with a small group to discuss Jewish topics. Recently we decided to read essays of Sir Rabbi Jonathan Sacks that he produced in an ongoing series about the weekly Torah readings. But I’m already seeing signs that in an effort by group members to relate his essays to current events, we are going to have difficulty avoiding current politics, and I’m not sure how to address the issue. And, of course, they all are on the political Left.

Child Abuse Sanctioned by the State—Until Now


The willingness of almost every segment of our society to abuse our children is mind-blowing. How is it possible that parents, the medical and psychiatric community, teachers, and legislators are prepared to destroy lives by promoting transgender treatments with little scientific data to support their efforts? Even as information emerges that their ideology is false and unethical, they persist in pursuing their goals. Fortunately, Gov. Ron DeSantis and his Surgeon General, Joseph Ladapo, refuse to comply with the demands of these ideologues. They are stopping the Medicaid funding for transgender procedures.

Recently a young 17-year-old woman named Chloe Cole spoke at a public hearing in Florida about her own disastrous experience:

‘I really didn’t understand all of the ramifications of any of the medical decisions that I was making,’ Chloe Cole, 17, said at a public hearing Friday. She said she was medically transitioned from ages 13 to 16, taking so-called puberty-blocking drugs and testosterone, and undergoing surgery to remove her breasts at age 15. ‘I was unknowingly physically cutting off my true self from my body, irreversibly and painfully.’

Why Leftist Jews Distrust Evangelical Christians


When I was attending Cal State Long Beach, I remember one lunchtime when I was approached in the cafeteria by a young man. I don’t remember exactly what he asked me, but I know it had to do with Jesus, and I was immediately put off. I had spent most of my growing up years feeling like an outsider (as a Jew) and a heretic (for not accepting Jesus), and I brusquely rejected his inquiry. He politely walked away, but his unsolicited inquiry has stayed with me.

But my perspective towards Christians in general and Evangelicals specifically has changed dramatically. Due to the communities with which I socialize and my limited but sincere practice of Judaism, coupled with my curiosity about religions, I welcome input from my Christian friends and have found them to be very kind (except for one Ricochetee who believed that the Jewish religion was no longer relevant). So, I thought I might benefit from learning the nature of the relationship between Jews and Evangelicals, the complexity and diversity of those relationships, and how we might all benefit from knowing each other better.

By beginning with the Jews on the political Left, we can see the most current reasons for Jews rejecting and distrusting Christians:

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Originally posted to another of my feeds on March 10th. My thoughts have changed since, but generally remain the same. I’m hoping to start every post with something like, “Let me tell youse something …” in my best Tina from the Bronx voice, but without the F-bombs. This is my first one, so let’s try […]

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News Alert: Newsom and His Administration Are Corrupt


I know that is a shocker to see for anyone with two eyes, but there it is.

Our fearless Serene Highness Emperor Governor Gavin Newsom has authorized a sweetheart deal for medical management group Kaiser Permanente to take on new Medi-Caid (Medi-Cal in CA) patients.

LA Times indicates that it is concerning. Not because Kaiser is a bloated entity that exists primarily to give the appearance of “health maintenance” while denying actual treatment to actually sick people. But because the siphoning of state funds directly to Kaiser puts the dream of single-payer in jeopardy.  Sorry, I mean “Medi-Cal reform.”