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Join Jim and Greg as they welcome Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema cementing the end of any serious effort to kill the legislative filibuster. They also discuss the talk of a Patriot Party and why fighting out serious differences within one party is far preferable to a major split. And they marvel at Politico staffers continuing their hissy fit over their editors asking Ben Shapiro to write one thing two weeks ago.

Join Jim and Greg as they applaud Politico editors for defending their decision to have Ben Shapiro as a guest author and not caving to the liberal outrage in the newsroom. They also tell Joe Biden that this is the worst possible time to pursue a $15 per hour minimum wage, since it would kill even more jobs and probably more businesses. And they fume as a major study concludes lockdown policies did not help to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Join Jim and Greg as they walk through the Texas plan to re-open the economy that’s drawing rave reviews, but they also discuss whether re-opening should be statewide policy or based on local conditions and why Democratic governors are getting far less grief for re-opening than Republicans. They also walk through Politico’s cringe-inducing apology on how badly it mangled its story on debts President Trump allegedly owed to China. And they react to the fury of the Bernie Sanders campaign over New York’s decision to cancel its presidential primary.  Is this a case of Sanders focusing on politics over the health crisis in New York or is it imperative for states to find ways to hold elections regardless of the conditions?

How Do Democrats Message Success?


One of the daily newsletters that appears in my inbox is from Politico.  I can’t recall reading anything there that wasn’t already on Ricochet, but that could be just a poor memory.  On the other hand, they definitely don’t see things the same way I do.

This morning I read something that made me chuckle, because after a very long time they came to this:

Alexandra DeSanctis of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America are actually glad to see Sen. Kamala Harris and other national Democrats admitting they want single payer, government-run health care for everyone and they hope America is still ready to reject it.  They also hammer radical activist Linda Sarsour for acting as if she’s raising money for hurricane victims when her real goal to build up the bank of her organization to foster division along ethnic, racial, and gender lines.  They also pound Politico for a horrible political cartoon characterizing Texans as confederate, Christian rubes who should realize they are being rescued by government rather than God.  And they close by shaking their heads at the cases of Americans who injured themselves by applying sunscreen directly to their eyeballs to look at the recent solar eclipse.

Time for Federal Licensing of Journalists


shutterstock_276576074It’s overdue. Most important jobs that involve the public have standards — not any old schlemiel can be a brain surgeon or a cosmetologist, you know. A federal credential would not only ensure reporters are vetted so they’re fair and accurate, it would make it easier to deal with those who practice journalism in unorthodox ways.

For example: At many public events, there’s a space for the journalists, so you know who’s reporting on the event; they have tags around their neck, indicating they are legitimate.

But some people think they can just flout the rules and write about something without the necessary tags, and so you get stories like this:

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Much of the media class (to us a convenient shorthand) doesn’t genuinely love this country—at least not the country as we have known it.  They’ll tell us that they love what this country “might become,” or that they love some of the things for which this country supposedly stands. Ultimately, though, they’ll mitigate their pseudo-patriotism with […]

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If you believe that the mainstream news outlets report and opine from the exact center, basically spliting the difference between left and right, then you would think that launching Air America to compete with right-wing talk radio, or launching MSNBC to compete with Fox news, would naturally draw an equivalent audience. The failure of both […]

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