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Ayaan talks with Amy Chua about how America has always demonstrated a poor understanding of tribal relations in other cultures, a weakness that makes the country ill-prepared to navigate the increasing tribalism of its own domestic politics. Amy shares her work on ‘market dominant minorities’ and ‘super-groups,’ as both women express concern about the growing political “us vs them” mentality in the United States.

Amy Chua is a Professor of Law at Yale Law School.  She received both her A.B. and her J.D. from Harvard University and was Executive Editor of the Harvard Law Review.  

Goldberg vs. Reno: it is Goldberg for the Win!


Jonah Goldberg doesn’t need me to defend him, but since we had two posts on this subject already (found here and here), I thought it was worth my time to read the entire R.R. Reno review.

The review was terrible. Frankly, I expected Mr. Reno to hold himself to a higher standard than he achieved in his review of Jonah Goldberg’s book. Goldberg responded to the review on Twitter by laughing at it. I thought I might give a longer response. Let’s start right at the top.

Mr. Reno writes:

Victor Davis Hanson looks at the hobby horse issues of various identity politics groups—Black Lives Matter, LGBT advocates, modern feminists, and Hispanic activists—and explains how each of them are overlooking more dire threats facing their communities.