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Pride Month as an Exercise of Raw Political Power


What we now call “Pride Month” (formerly June)  began as “Gay Freedom Day” back in the 1970s. (I learned quite a bit about its history while researching a novel about a time-traveling gay rock star who saves the world from Madonna with help from David Bowie and Yoko Ono.) In the early years, pride events were opportunities — in the pre-internet Dark Age — for gays and lesbians to meet one another and socialize, away from the sleaze of the bars and bathhouses. (Of course, the bars and bathhouses were also packed during these events, but still…)

At some point in the 1980s, “Gay Freedom Day” became “Pride Week.” By the 21st century, it had expanded to a full month … and then two months, one for pride and one for celebrating LGBT history. As they consumed ever more dates on the calendar, they claimed victory after victory. Until, finally, everything the gay rights movement claimed as their goals back in the 1980s had been achieved.