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Has the last eight years left your wallet pinched? Noticed a little deception? Prices skyrocketing – quantities shrinking – while the packaging sort of looks the same? (I hate those big dimples on the bottom of wine bottles, yogurt cartons – sneaky.…..) Need more strength to sit through another debate? Well, here’s a recipe to […]

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A Glossary of 2016 Campaign Terms I Just Made Up


As hispandering (pandering to Hispanics) enters the American political lexicon, so too do a host of other terms whose meanings may not be immediately clear in the rapidly-changing landscape of the 2016 presidential campaign. Below is a glossary of some of the newest terms and their definitions.

Kasichiness – Most often afflicting Democrat and establishment Republican governors, this condition results in the irresistible itch to expand your state’s roll in bankrupting the already insolvent Medicaid program. Scratching this itch usually only makes the condition worse.