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“Ukraine is fighting the free world’s fight for democracy today.  The United States government, along with the governments of other countries, needs to realize that if there’s an invasion,  there will be two, three,  or even four million refugees flooding into  the European Union, which will make the influx from Syria look like a prelude.  […]

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Poland Prepares for War


The Polish government has set a goal of becoming the largest military force in Western Europe. Hard lessons were learned in WWII with the German and Russian occupation of Poland. The Russian occupation ended in the 1990s.

The Russian seizure of Crimea and the current threat to Ukraine has Poland worried. Norway, Sweden, Finland, and the Baltic States are worried as well. Norway, the Baltic States, and Poland are members of NATO. Sweden has a mutual military assistance pact with the United States. US armed forces, including the US Air Force, conduct training exercises with Finland’s armed forces.