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Comrade Hillary Celebrates Robust Health


Comrade HillaryThe Central Committee of Democratic Party condemns scurrilous attacks by hooligans and saboteurs with regard to the robust health and well-being of our fine leader and comrade Hillary Clinton.

As all can see from the not doctored photographical evidence shown thusly, Comrade Hillary exhibits lifelike visage upon reviewing military parade for glorious May Day gathering. She briefly stricken by allergies overheating pneumonia yet still attend solemn ceremony in city of New York this Sunday. She also visit flat of daughter Chelsea, greeting her newborn grandchild with love, and later hug noble devochka outside of building. Such selfless acts make historic impact! How great is the dignity shown, for she strong like bull.

“I deeply regret that because of temporary causes I will not be able to attend fund gathering session of the DNC plenum,” Comrade Hillary said in speech read by aides to gathered press journalists to report precisely. “When I assume the chair in capital buildings, grain production shall boost immeasurably and beet harvest to rise four-fold.”