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Elementary Schools Hiring ‘Recess Consultants’ to Supervise Playgrounds


shutterstock_181990121For modern parents, every summer is a scramble. Beginning in March (or late April, for slackers like me), moms and dads worry how to keep their kids occupied while school is out. For our family, it’s a Gantt chart of swimming lessons, art classes, summer school, vacation Bible school, and a week with the grandparents. Once we’ve logged all of that into our iPhone calendars, we try to find a single week still open so we can shoehorn in a family vacation. (Keep in mind, we live in the Arizona desert and often work from home, so we need at least a few hours of air-conditioned fun so our kids don’t lose their minds and we don’t get fired from our jobs.)

My mom had a far superior method of ensuring my siblings and I got proper exercise, mental stimulation, and social integration over those long, hot summer months. She yelled, “go outside, you’re driving me nuts!” We’d dutifully scatter on our bikes, my brother to the local library, my sister to one of her giggling friends’ homes, and me into the deserts ringing Phoenix where I would jump ditches with my Mongoose BMX bike, build forts, and get into epic dirt-clod fights with my fellow prepubescent ne’er-do-wells.

Not surprisingly, I was the kid who needed a trip to the ER every summer, but that jerk Bobby Kelly needed to know he wasn’t the only one stupid enough to jump his bike over Mr. Prather’s prickly pear cactus. (I almost made it, too!)