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We took a ride on the Technical Struggle Bus this week. Someone was throwing some electrical interference James’ way (we think MI-5 has finally caught up to him) and Toby was coming in a little bit hot… Apologies in advance.

But content-wise we have plenty of good stuff in here. After a small bit of self-congratulations (We’re Number Three! We’re Number Three!) we tackle the suspension of the AstraZeneca vaccine rollout across Continental Europe, the defenestration of Piers Morgan following his criticisms of Meghan Markle, and the cancellation of the banjo player from Mumford and Sons for liking Andy Ngo’s book.

Why We Have a First Amendment


Perhaps Piers Morgan gets it now. He didn’t used to. Ever wondered why our founders and framers felt it necessary to have our First AmendmentA post from a favorite British writer, Brendan O’Neill, Editor of a terrific blog, Spiked, may help.

For those who don’t follow Great Britain’s rather interesting media culture, Piers Morgan – you will remember him succeeding the late Larry King’s then-highly popular show in 2010 for about three years – has become the Isle’s top-rated morning host of “Good Morning Britain.” Make that, “had.” He was pushed out yesterday after being, shall we say, less than impressed with Meghan Markle’s appearance in a highly-celebrated interview with Oprah.

I’ve resisted writing about the two-hour CBS interview, even though I eye-rolled my way through it. You can see my admittedly intemperate reaction that I posted on Facebook below, in response to a friend’s query. But the Piers Morgan angle is one Americans might want to pay some attention to. There are lessons and red flags here, as if we need them. Even one US Supreme Court Justice, Samuel Alito, suggests free speech and religious liberty are under attack in the US. After all, our free speech rights are being trampled for many of the same reasons. Especially, but not exclusively, on college campuses.

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Peter Hitchens, the brother of the late Christopher Hitchens, is an author and public figure in the UK, although he is less well known here in the US. In 2008 he published a book, The Abolition of Britain, that has been a bestseller for years. The other day he appeared on Britain’s talk show Good Morning Britain […]

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I’ve Discovered a Liking for Piers Morgan, Now That He’s in the UK


Some years ago, I knew Piers Morgan as an obnoxious British journalist on American television. I rarely watch TV, so I mostly was aware of him when he outraged conservatives by his theatrical posturing over one issue or another, such as Newtown.

However, as a faithful reader of the Daily Mail, I’ve enjoyed a number of his columns since he returned to the UK, defending his old friend President Donald Trump, such as this one. The president gave Mr. Morgan an interview on Air Force One before departing the UK for Germany yesterday that many of you will find interesting. Here’s the interview, and I’ve also included a video from morning talk in the UK arguing over the president’s visit, in which Mr. Morgan argues that the protests against the American president should not be so puerile and outraged, when visitors like Erdogan of Turkey or the crown prince of Saudi Arabia receive little to none.

I Owe My Life to Piers Morgan


No, really!  I mean, I was tempted, really tempted, to attempt to read through Hillary’s You-a Culpa, and then post a review and takedown of it here.  I was willing to waste all of that time for you, I was willing to risk aneurysm, liver cancer, and chewing off my own fingernails in anger, dear readers, while I waded through the dark morass of Hillary’s Id, but Piers Morgan has saved me from that lonely fate.  You see, he read it, and what’s more, he posted his own review of it.  Normally Piers and I do not see eye to eye on much, but here he put his acid pen to formidable use in a vituperative and blistering evisceration of the Pant-Suited Horror with such brilliance that any review I might venture would be a mere shadow of his anger.  And so I doff my cap in thanks and here turn the floor over to Piers: (emphasis my own)

‘What happened’ is the title of Hillary Clinton‘s new 464-page book.

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For quite some time, the liberal-leaning Piers Morgan has been excellent on this issue. He simply asks Mayor of London Sadiq Khan the question most sane people are wondering: Where are the 400 Jihadists who’ve returned to England from Syrian battlefields? “Where are they?” The Mayor responds with some pablum about financial priorities. Financial. Priorities.  […]

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If Piers Morgan Can’t Do It …


Somewhat overshadowed by the news that Stephen Colbert will be replacing David Letterman next year, CNN President Jeff Zucker announced today that his network is giving up on the primetime talk show format (this is how completely snakebit Zucker is — he even gets outprogrammed when announcing business decisions).

The time slot formerly occupied by Larry King and then Piers Morgan will now belong to unscripted series helmed by the likes of Mike Rowe and John Walsh.