Tag: Phil Murphy

What better way to celebrate our country’s independence than by getting your first gun? Teri did just that — and she thinks her Sig Sauer is pretty cool. And Stacy is looking to break her family out of New Jersey for a vacation at an undisclosed location.

Also, Teri’s tweet goes viral, Bush 43 alumni go all in for Biden and schools are going to screw everything up this Fall.

The race is on to see who’s got the worse governor — Teri (Ralph Northam) or Stacy (Phil Murphy)? In Stacy’s favor is the fact that Murphy kind of, sort of dropped COVID restrictions all at once … but not really. Teri argues that Northam is worse due to his racist past and his shenanigans as a lame duck governor.

Also, Stacy has an ingenious hack for those of us badly needing a trip to the hair salon.