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Join Jim and Greg as they’re encouraged by a new Pew Research survey showing Americans overwhelmingly have negative views on China and believe China bears great responsibility for the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. They also discuss new evidence released from the Ghislane Maxwell case, including a deposition listing Bill Clinton and others as visiting Jeffrey Epstein’s private island. And they shake their heads as the owners of a Michigan bed and breakfast reluctantly take down the Norwegian flag on the inn because of hate mail accusing them of flying the Confederate flag.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America groan as Aetna announces it will pull out of Virginia and Iowa’s last insurer is leaving most of the state for the individual marketplace.  They’re stunned as more Republicans tell pollsters they trust the government to do the right thing more than Democrats do.  And they react as an MSNBC contributor declares that anyone who doesn’t rely on government is elitist.

What Pollsters Worry About


I found this article really informative: Flashpoints in polling, by Pew. They cover many of the issues that have been debated in the wake of some significant recent pollster fumbles. Here are some of the highlights, with links to the research in question:

Contrary to claims that the decline of landlines has polling “teetering on the edge of disaster,” there is solid evidence that well-designed telephone polls are as accurate, if not more so, today than they were a generation ago.