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Salena Zito and Brad Todd’s new book The Great Revolt is a great read, based on extensive interviews with Trump voters as well as a Great Revolt survey. It’s important to note, though, that in the survey and later for the book, there are only interviews with Trump supporters from a specific geographical region: Trump supporters hailing from the five “Rust Belt” states of Michigan, Ohio, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania; and even more specifically, from ten electorally-significant counties within these states.

Zito and Todd’s focus on Trump voters from behind the “Blue Wall” of rust-belt counties, which had been stubbornly blue before Trump, ought to be treasured for what it is: neither a description of American Trump voters in general, nor the final word on America’s new populist-conservative coalition, but a testament to the power of geography in our electoral process, and to the strategic importance of not overlooking those who might otherwise go overlooked.


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Last week Gallup released a poll of religiosity. They ranked the states by the percentage of respondents that they deemed to be “very religious.” Also, Pew Research Center released a new religious attitudes survey. The “Religion Guy” Richard Ostling looked over the polls and wrote up his recommendations to the National Democratic Committee on how […]

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Contributor Post Created with Sketch. Islam and Political Freedom


shutterstock_255950638We have had a number of discussions recently about admitting refugees from the conflicts in Syria and Iraq, the immigration of Muslims in general, and admitting Muslim visitors, students, and guest workers on temporary visas. An undercurrent in many of these discussions is whether Islam (whether defined by religion, culture, or the majority religion of country of origin) is in some way incompatible with individual liberty and political freedom as defined in the West.

I decided to crunch some numbers on this.