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The Allegations Against Me Are True in a Zeitgeist Kind of Way


Frequent flyer David Deeble with his father.

I released on Friday a statement in response to a report published in the New York Times about a woman who stepped forward to discuss experiences with me in which I committed uninvited, unwanted grabbing of her luggage on my way out of Singapore airport. As a Progressive who fights for climate justice, net neutrality, and on behalf of the LGBTIQCAPGNGFNBA community, this allegation pains me no end.

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According to the cover-your-eyes awful rape allegations in today’s New York Times, Russell Simmons, the founder of the wildly successful music and media behemoth Def Jam Records, has more in common with Harvey Weinstein than his status as an industry mogul.  Like Weinstein, Simmons is woke. Also like Weinstein, Simmons does not appear to be […]

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Pervnado Disproportionately Impacting Pervgressives


It’s said that conditions in the eye of a hurricane are sunny, still, and lovely. As Bill Clinton can attest, the same can be said of the Pervnado currently causing chaos in DC, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and other Democratic strongholds like Seattle. Even historically right-of-center San Diego learned that electing a Democratic mayor means taking a walk on the wild side. And yet right there in the middle of it all, a man credibly accused of violent rape continues to relax poolside in a Corona hat and with a small umbrella in his drink as one after another of his fellow travelers is sucked up and spat out of public life like so much lint.

Rank has its privileges!

Alas, we live in a remarkably sensitive era. When I was a kid, drunkenly steering a car off a bridge into the drink and leaving a young woman to drown wouldn’t prevent a sitting senator from becoming “the lion” of the world’s greatest deliberative body. And that’s the upper chamber! Meanwhile, one of our friends in the House of Representatives deems it appropriate to show up to work in his underwear as if he’s a hard-bodied Calvin Klein model instead of a 52-year veteran of Congress who mentally checked-out years ago.