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Glad you’ve joined us for the Monday martinis! Today, Jim and Greg cheer the people of Hong Kong for leaving no doubt in local elections that they are on the side of freedom and the protesters. They also cringe as figures on the right speak of Trump is near messianic terms, a tactic the left engaged in over President Obama for eight years prior to Trump. They’re both way off base. And as Kamala Harris suddenly declares herself a champion of marijuana decriminalization because it leads to mass incarceration, Jim and Greg inconveniently point out her record and her painfully obvious political calculations.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America applaud Donald Trump’s selection of former Texas Gov. Rick Perry to be secretary of energy.  They wince as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell taps the brakes on the Trump tax plan and offers no ideas on how to reduce spending fight future deficits or replace Obamacare.  And they discuss the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the FBI disputing the CIA’s conclusion that Russia meddled in the 2016 campaign explicitly to help Trump win.

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Walker got a rather large helping of both the first and second choices in Ricochet’s recent 2016 presidential poll.  Carly Fiorina snagged a surprising second place. She is followed by Cruz, then Perry, then Rubio, then Jindal (if one counts second-choice points) and then Trump (followed very closely by Paul). Yet, Mr. Trump seems to […]

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The Heart of Trump


Trump CarI’ve resisted writing about the Donald. The sheer absurdity of the man seems to make commentary pointless. Even Jonah Goldberg, who mixed it up with Trump last week over “pants-gate“, has a sort of weary regret in dealing with his badly coiffed arch-nemesis. The absurdity is heightened when you consider the quality of the Republican field in 2016. The GOP has some remarkable bench strength, a sharp contrast to the warmed-over leftovers being passed off by the Democrats.

Compare 2016 with any election cycle in recent memory and you’re spoiled for choice: Jindal, Walker, Perry, Rubio, Cruz and Bush are all very plausible candidates for the presidency. You may have your favorite — I have a certain fondness for Senator Rubio — but each are basically conservatives candidates that the party can rally around. Jeb Bush does have the establishment smell about him, to say nothing of that family name, but see him in a clear and unobstructed light and yes, he would make a decent Commander-in-Chief.

Now enter the Trump. Granted he has put immigration on the table, divorced of even a hint of political correctness, but there are ways of raising awkward subjects without being excessively offensive. We understand that cousin Fred has a drinking problem; throwing it out there in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner between the turkey and coleslaw isn’t really going to help matters. If Trump doesn’t get bored with pretending to run for President – I give it until September – then the Dems are going to have an awesome gaffe reel to play against the eventual Republican nominee next summer.