Tag: Peng Shuai

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome the Cook Report shifting three critical 2022 Senate races from leaning towards the Democrats to being pure toss-ups…and all of them are held by Democrats. They also shudder over the horrific killing and serious injuring of people at a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, on Sunday. And they wonder why the suspect was even free in the first place. And they assess the significance of Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai appearing in public for the first time since her allegations that she was raped by a former high-ranking official in the Chinese Communist Party.

Jim and Greg stand up and cheer for Women’s Tennis Association President Steve Simon and numerous players for publicly demanding that China prove that longtime tennis star Peng Shuai is alive and well and their her allegations of rape against a former high-ranking communist party official be seriously investigated. And they cheer Simon for willing to lose a billion dollars by pulling our of events in China if his concerns are not addressed quickly. They also cringe as the House of Representatives passes the bloated, deficit-growing spending bill known as Build Back Better, but they take a bit of solace in knowing this version likely won’t become law. And they fire back at an MSNBC columnist for telling parents that making demands about school policy and the curriculum is like telling a surgeon how to operate on your child.