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To be clear, “Peanuts” is a closed book.  It was the music of one man’s soul, who chose to end it and then died mere hours before that end was published.  Then there was a gap, about ten years long.  More recently there has been new content under that brand, including the movie opening this […]

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In School, C is the new D


d-minus-grade The debasement of American education system continues:

The solution, Simmons suggests, is to eliminate Ds altogether, because he believes many of those barely getting by will up their game to avoid failure. He pointed to a New Jersey charter school that’s already made the transition. […] “Ds are simply not useful in society,” Larrie Reynolds, superintendent at the Mount Olive, N.J. charter school Simmons referenced, told the New York Times in 2010. “It’s a throwaway grade. No one wants to hire a D-anything, so why would we have D-students and give them credit for it?”

If C is now the borderline between passing and failure — goes the thinking — then the slackers will work hard enough to get Cs, rather than the Ds they were earning before. A more likely outcome, however, is that public school teachers will be pressured to drop their standards in order to meet their performance metrics. As a signaling mechanism, it’s a lateral move. Employers and colleges will know that the C-minus student of today is as mediocre as the D-minus student of yesteryear. The end result is that Peppermint Patty gets into the C-minus Hall of Fame instead.

Five Proposals For Reforming The TSA


Your tax dollars at work.Fourteen years is more than enough time for the so-called services of any government agency to go from “controversial inception”  to an “untouchable entitlement.” No agency exemplifies this quite like the the Department of Homeland Security and its enforcement minions at the TSA.

Why is this so? Much of it is due to the managed expectations of Americans themselves. Far from being resentful, many Americans seem grateful at the FAA’s overturning of its long-overdue ban on such brazenly unpatriotic behavior as reading a Kindle after the plane has left its gate.

No longer is the government the last one in the room to get the joke – that attribute belongs to government’s primary constituency: progressives.