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The coronavirus crisis has gotten to the point where Jim Geraghty is saying nice things about the New England Patriots and owner Robert Kraft after Kraft dispatched the team plane to China to pick up 1.2 million N95 masks. Jim and Greg also tackle the brutal loss of 6.6 million more jobs in the past week and wonder how soon we’ll have no choice but to reopen various sectors or regions of our economy. And they throw their hands up as Georgia GOP Gov. Brian Kemp says he only realized this week that COVID-19 could be spread by people before they start feeling sick.

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But then, in the eyes of the Left, a nation of free citizens, equal before the law and not necessarily equal in much of anything else save opportunity, does not much look like the America that “fundamental transformation” is intended to bring about. By their lights, they are patriots, just not “American” patriots. They are patriots of America of the Future. The country they hope to bring into being will be still be called “America,” it just won’t be America.
— Michael Walsh, The Devil’s Pleasure Palace

 The Left will never be satisfied. They think they are working toward a future goal of equality for all, perfected human beings and flawless institutions. Their problem is that as long as flawed human beings are in charge, nothing will ever be perfect—including the Left and their aspirations. But that truth can’t penetrate their demands to transform the country.

The Left doesn’t realize that part of the beauty of human nature is our vulnerability and imperfection. It is out of those states that we strive to improve the world, not from a socialist, totalitarian doctrine that demands our compliance. Our unpredictability, which can be awkward on a day-to-day basis, leaves room for creativity, exploration, and dynamism. When we allow people to thrive and invent and experiment, they grow as individuals and we grow as a country.

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Well, sorry to the rest of the country, but up here in Boston there is one thing on our minds. The Pats have won again! The Duck Boats will soon be rolling! It’s a victory so exciting that we can’t remember when we have…er,…felt this good…before??? Ooohhhh yeah! Last November it was! Did you watch the game? Any Patriots haters out there?

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As anyone could tell by my avatar that I’m a Packers fan. It took quite a few days of yoga and meditation to get me back to state of semi-normal after the Packers handed the Hawks the NFC championship win. I was torn as to which team to back for the Superbowl. I can’t stand […]

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