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Let’s Talk About Your Passwords


This is going to be a mix of personal opinion and mathy stuff, all of which is likely to be correct.

For the too-long-to-read crowd, here’s the bottom line: if you’re using the same password(s) all over the place, stop doing that.

How to Crack Excel Files


This all starts with Mike Mahoney. Mahoney was the Excel guy, two Excel guys ago. To his credit, he wrote pretty good stuff. His macros don’t break often. Everything would have been cool except he was writing these things when Excel 2003 was the hot new thing. Mahoney was also excellent about locking things down from accidental damage. Trouble is, nobody remembers his passwords. Breaking through his protections makes an excellent case study on how to secure and how to bypass the security on an excel workbook.

Not even swordfish works.

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There’s a big security vulnerability that was found yesterday that affects lots of popular websites, including Ricochet, which resulted in private information like passwords being leaked all over the internet. Cloudfare is a service that many websites use to help them serve content to a large number of users. Part of what it does is cache […]

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