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Free Speech Lives! Parler is Back Online.


Parler is back! Seems a bit buggy, but free speech always was. At the moment I can get it on Chrome using my phone, but not on the laptop.

I’ve occasionally toyed with the response I might give when someone is upset that I’m on Parler. I imagine some statement of dismay from a friend or co-worker, something like, “You mean you’re on that website that has extremists, that internet playground for conspiracy theorists?” I lean towards a response along the lines of, “Yes, I’ve been on Facebook for some time.”

Conservative (In)Competence


“Can’t anybody here play this game?” – Jimmy Breslin

Conservatives have been treated to serial disappointments of late, and while the left deserves to shoulder a lot of the blame, some of our recent wounds were self-inflicted.

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome the CDC loosening rules on who can get the coronavirus vaccines. They also wade into the big tech crackdown on President Trump, Parler, and others, and discuss what free speech is and is not. And they roll their eyes as the media are now on day three of Kamala Harris being upset with the photo used of her on the cover of Vogue.

Parler, Web Hosts, and Masterpiece Cakes


Parler lost its rented server space with Amazon Web Services.  Parler also found its phone apps booted off the Apple and Google app stores.  This is not the “destruction” of Parler – not unless Parler was on such shaky ground that it cannot be rebuilt.  This is certainly hamstringing it, but if this is a “death sentence”, then it is one that is easily overcome with cold hard cash (would that the Reaper were so easily fended off on more fleshly concerns).  We need perspective here, and an honest reckoning of what happened, how, and why.  We also need to yet again yank the plank from our own eye, for it was just a short while ago that we were adamantly defending another business for refusing paying clientele: I speak of none other than Masterpiece Cakes.

First, let’s get the technical stuff out of the way – understanding how Parler was built, and how it planned to make money for its creators (let’s not fool ourselves into thinking it was all charity work) is key to understanding its demise.  Web sites have to be located on computers.  You can make a website on your laptop and share it with the rest of the internet if you want.  Users just would need to know the numerical address in either IPV4 or IPV6 to find it.  If you want to make it easier to find then you would have to register a domain name, and then map that domain name to your server address.  Now suppose your little website got really popular because its topic was fun and lovable – let’s say, for the sake of argument, that your website was all about your pet bird.  If you had just a residential internet connection, after a point your neighbors would start to complain that traffic to your laptop was killing their own connections.  Plus, your laptop has limited processing power to keep serving page views out – and your addition of a little bird forum doubled traffic to the point where your laptop’s cooling fan failed from overuse.  How do you fix these issues?

Member Post


So after Twitter bans President Trump, Parler suddenly becomes the most-downloaded mobile phone application — prompting Apple, Google, and Amazon to conspire* to shut down Parler. I’ve never thought of myself as a populist, but, by golly, I’m there. We’re witnessing the rise of the machines. Figuratively speaking. Preview Open

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Anyone else share my pain? I’m on Ricochet, of course. But I’m also on Facebook, Twitter, and Parler. Facebook is fun for me; seeing my family, sisters, brothers, nephews, and nieces. I keep up with my school friends – high school, college and seminary. The trip my wife and I took in 2016, visiting a […]

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What better way to celebrate our country’s independence than by getting your first gun? Teri did just that — and she thinks her Sig Sauer is pretty cool. And Stacy is looking to break her family out of New Jersey for a vacation at an undisclosed location.

Also, Teri’s tweet goes viral, Bush 43 alumni go all in for Biden and schools are going to screw everything up this Fall.

Parler CEO John Matze joined host Ben Domenech to discuss the features of the social media app designed to promote free speech and allow for unbiased, uncensored discourse among users.

Matze said he created the app after seeing the biased algorithms by other platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, which failed to provide people honest content. Parler, he said, serves as a town square where everyone can share their ideas without fear of being removed for disagreeable content.