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Join Jim and Greg as they serve up three new martinis Thursday!  First, they applaud the Florida State Senate for permanently removing former Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel after his horrific leadership before, during, and after the Parkland high school shooting.  They also shudder as a majority of Americans favor rewriting the first amendment and nearly half want to ban hate speech without ever defining what it is.  And they discuss the high drama on Capitol Hill as Democrats conduct impeachment-related depositions in secret and Republicans hold a sit-in to protest what they see as a lack of transparency.

In our Newsmaker Interview, Bob talks with Max Eden, Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, on the gravely misguided policies that he believes are contributing to shocking tragedies such as the Parkland school shooting, the subject of his new book, Why Meadow Died: The People and Policies That Created The Parkland Shooter and Endanger America’s Students.

Stories of the Week: At Edison High School in Philadelphia, students are in the building – but not in the classroom. Is the district gaming the attendance tracking system? Does the competition from charter schools drive up overall student achievement – in charters and traditional district schools – in cities? A new report from Fordham’s David Griffith sheds some light. In Arkansas, a Little Rock school board member calls for decertifying the teachers union. Is this legal? Bob checks in with Patrick Semmons of the National Right to Work Foundation about the rules around monopoly bargaining.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America are glad to see Senate Republicans expressing major reservations over the Trump administration’s proposed tariffs against Mexico. They also discuss Parkland Officer Scot Peterson facing criminal charges for his non-response to the Stoneman-Douglas High School shooting and wonder whether the charges are appropriate for his dereliction of duty.  And they have some fun with the news that some NBA owners no longer want to be called “owners” because the term is racially insensitive.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America blast House Majority Whip James Clyburn after the congressman likens President Trump to Adolf Hitler and says the Trump family is the greatest threat to democracy in his lifetime. They’re also aghast as CNN receives a Cronkite award for their disastrous Parkland Town Hall from 2018. And they wonder what is going on as George Conway, husband of White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway, engages in a very public Twitter spat with President Trump.


Max Eden joins Seth Barron to discuss recent mass shootings in American high schools and how misguided approaches to school safety can play a role.

In the aftermath of horrific shootings at high schools in Florida and Texas, the political debate has focused largely on the role of guns in American society. Mostly ignored is how school districts fail to take action on students with documented histories of threats, violence, or mental illness.

Should Conservatives Have Turned Kyle Kashuv Into Our Own David Hogg?


Over at Vox, Jane Coaston has a thoughtful and in-depth profile of Parkland student and survivor Kyle Kashuv. Kashuv is likely familiar to Ricochet readers and podcast listeners; we featured him recently on a podcast discussing his experiences and beliefs following the shooting that took the lives of seventeen classmates and left Kashuv himself hiding in a utility closet for two hours.

Kashuv is a thoughtful and highly intelligent teenager, and has made a sincere effort to become familiar with the issues he is discussing. But the question with Kashuv, as with his counterparts on the left, David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez, is why we are listening in the first place. Being the teenage survivor of a mass shooting does not grant one automatic authority or knowledge about guns; that is true of supporters of the Second Amendment and opponents.

WaPo Columnist’s Tour of Deceit Shamefully Stains the Weekly Standard


About a year ago, I revealed that the Washington Post’s “Criminal Justice” columnist is a charlatan who has failed to do the most basic research. In that PJ Media column, I showed that cop critic Radley Balko openly admits to have never actually observed police work, despite having written a 400-page book on the problems with SWAT teams as observes them … but, uhm, yeah … he never actually observed one to write the book. See the problem? He doesn’t. He dismisses the question as “irrelevant.”

Notably, the Washington Post doesn’t see the problem either. They rejected the PJ Media column that would have informed their readers of their own columnist’s hollow credentials. One wonders what else they might be hiding.

My David Hogg Moment


It is said when you are young and foolish, you are young and foolish. While a tautology, it is also true.

This is demonstrated by David Hogg, school shooting “survivor” sucking up media time lecturing everyone on violence, while at the same time displaying ignorance of facts, statute law, and Constitutional Law. (I put survivor in quotes because he was in a different building on campus. He had as much chance of actually getting shot as the Broward County sheriff’s deputies cowering outside the building containing the active shooter. Less, actually. There was a diminishingly small possibility the sheriffs might have shot Cruz leaving the building if only out of self-preservation.)

Explosive Misery


It is only by the grace of God that we don’t have more kids in the news tripping offline and killing people. The insanity starts in middle school. Their physiology and psychology start changing, and the entire world turns upside down. Transitioning from childhood to adulthood isn’t for the faint of heart; but it is required of everyone, whatever their mettle or character. Last week we saw just how badly someone can fail at it and we witnessed the mayhem caused when such a time bomb is not diffused properly.

An article in Psychology Today titled The Negative Voices In Your Teenager’s Head states plainly some very important facts about this maturation process. It describes (softly, though accurately) the chaotic mess that is the adolescent mind. It’s been decades since I endured the trauma of being a teenager, but memories of the irrational rage, universally unchecked emotions, and feelings of abject powerlessness coupled with excruciating misery remain fresh even now. As my daughters have traversed this minefield there have been some near misses, but we’ve come out relatively whole. Many families aren’t so lucky, as we just saw in Florida.

Former Student Opens Fire at Florida High School, Multiple Deaths Reported


A 19-year-old gunman attacked students at his former high school in Broward County, Florida. The story is still developing, but officials have reported “numerous fatalities” at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland. Fourteen injured victims have been transported to local hospitals. From the Miami Herald:

According to law enforcement sources, the shooter, former student Nicolas de Jesus Cruz, is in custody. Helicopter footage shortly before 4 showed police frisking a handcuffed young man outside a squad car. Dressed in a maroon shirt and dark trousers, he was placed in the squad car as TV choppers filmed the scene. He gave no visible sign of being injured, but authorities have said Cruz was transported to Broward Health North.

A teacher at the school told the Miami Herald that Cruz, 19, had been identified as a potential threat to fellow students in the past.