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Max Eden joins Seth Barron to discuss recent mass shootings in American high schools and how misguided approaches to school safety can play a role.

In the aftermath of horrific shootings at high schools in Florida and Texas, the political debate has focused largely on the role of guns in American society. Mostly ignored is how school districts fail to take action on students with documented histories of threats, violence, or mental illness.

Should Conservatives Have Turned Kyle Kashuv Into Our Own David Hogg?


Over at Vox, Jane Coaston has a thoughtful and in-depth profile of Parkland student and survivor Kyle Kashuv. Kashuv is likely familiar to Ricochet readers and podcast listeners; we featured him recently on a podcast discussing his experiences and beliefs following the shooting that took the lives of seventeen classmates and left Kashuv himself hiding in a utility closet for two hours.

Kashuv is a thoughtful and highly intelligent teenager, and has made a sincere effort to become familiar with the issues he is discussing. But the question with Kashuv, as with his counterparts on the left, David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez, is why we are listening in the first place. Being the teenage survivor of a mass shooting does not grant one automatic authority or knowledge about guns; that is true of supporters of the Second Amendment and opponents.

Richard Epstein reacts to former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens’ suggestion that the Second Amendment be repealed — and explains why the constitutional arguments about guns may point in a different direction than the policy arguments.

Ever Get the Feeling You’ve Been Cheated, Jake?


Jake, for some time now, you’ve been one of the few mainstream media reporters I could tolerate, because you seemed like you played it straight. I may not always agree with how you presented the news, but it seemed like you took the time to try to understand both sides and let that understanding guide your stories.

So my question for you is this: When did you find out that a Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy stood by at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and did nothing as 17 children were slaughtered? Was it before the town hall, or after it? Would have moderated this Two Minutes Hate had you known that it was cowardice that led to this slaughter, not one particular style of gun? Would you have let Sheriff Lobo Israel run roughshod over Dana Loesch knowing that the incompetency of his department had a direct impact on the scope of the slaughter?