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The Revenge of the Paris Agreement


The English Court of Appeal handed down a blockbuster decision last week which held that the British Government had to take into account the impact on global warming from adding a long-planned and long-delayed third runway to Heathrow Airport. The reason: Britain’s decision to sign the Paris Agreement of December 2015.  The Heathrow runway project is estimated to cost some £14 billion and take until 2028 to complete. When completed, the third runway would accommodate 700 additional flights per day, which would significantly increase carbon emissions.

The judicial decision did not scrap the project, but it branded as “legally fatal” the transportation authority’s failure to consider British obligations under the Paris Agreement in formulating its Airports National Policy Statement (ANPS), which sets the standards for the expansion of Heathrow. Accordingly, any new determination to build the third runway there—or indeed any other airport expansion—could easily be challenged again given that ANPS uses an open-ended test that requires the transportation authority to prepare “an Environmental Impact Assessment to identify, describe and assess effects on human beings, fauna and flora, soil, water, air, climate, the landscape, material assets and cultural heritage, and the interaction between them.” (¶ 4.12).

The Government has decided not to appeal the decision, and it is uncertain exactly what the new inquiry must cover. But the court did stress that “the Government’s commitment to the Paris Agreement was clearly part of ‘Government policy,’” which “followed from the solemn act of the United Kingdom’s ratification of [the Paris Agreement] in November 2016.” At the same time, the waters are further muddied as the airport owners have indicated their intention to press forward with a judicial appeal to a higher court.

Richard Epstein analyzes a lawsuit several major cities are bringing against oil companies over climate change, explains the economic and scientific considerations necessary to seriously grapple with the issue, and describes the libertarian approach to environmental harms.

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If you want to picture the relationship between the 60 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump and the Deep State seeking to unseat him; DON’T picture a Venn diagram. There is no overlap between the two solitudes. Rather, picture a giant amorphous amoeba, geared toward survival. This single-celled organism will galvanize all systems within […]

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Live-stream Today: A “Climate Realist” Briefing on COP-21 in Paris


The welcoming party at COP-21 in Paris for those who don't believe in the faith of man-caused global warming.The Heartland Institute just got back from Paris for COP-21, the “Conference of the Parties,” commonly known as the United Nations’ annual global climate conference. The world declared COP-21 a historic moment: The “Paris Agreement” will stop humanity from raising the global temperature by 2 degrees Celsius before the end of the 21st Century!

Balderdash! Hubris of the highest order. Not only does humanity not have the ability to put its collective hand on the global thermostat, humans are not causing a climate crisis.

Heartland’s contingent to Paris presented something unique and sorely needed: the only examination and explanation of the latest climate science, economics, and sensible global energy policy one could find in the city.