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“Parental Rights” Is the New “Repeal Obamacare”


The Republican Party has found a new election marketing strategy based on the idea that parents ought to have some say in what their children are taught in taxpayer-funded public schools. The Washington Post (running interference for a Democrat candidate who gaffed on the issue) adamantly insists “Parents claim they have the right to shape their kids’ school curriculum. They don’t.” Democrats are in the position of claiming it’s completely right and proper to use public schools for social justice and racialist indoctrination, while at the same time calling it a made-up, “phony culture-war” issue that “nobody cares about.” (And then immediately announce the Kamala-Brandon “National Strategy on Gender Equality.“) 

It’s kind of like in 2010 when the Republicans latched onto the unpopularity of Obamacare as their silver bullet to take back the House. They managed to take back the House, but they never actually followed through on the “Repeal and Replace” thing. So, it’s doubtful “parental rights” are anything more than another marketing gimmick.  

‘We Have Never and Will Never Co-parent with the Government’


The MacIver Institute has published a story on an open letter titled “38 Wisconsin Parent Groups Reject Lockdowns and Forced Masking in Open Letter to President Biden and WI Governor Evers.”

An open letter, signed by 38 Wisconsin parent groups, was delivered on Friday to Governor Tony Evers and President Joe Biden. Their letter announces that the parents outright reject and will fight any future mask mandate or lockdown forced on their children. The groups represent over 20,000 families in Wisconsin. (Emphasis bolded.)

Mattel’s “Gender-Non-Binary Doll” a Hat Tip to Larger, Troubling Trend for Parents


Move over, Barbie, the new face of Mattel has arrived. Ze may not be as shapely and enduring as their predecessor, but according to a glowing feature in TIME magazine, ve might be headed for a holiday-neutral pine tree near you this December.

Billing their latest product as “a doll for everyone,” Mattel becomes the latest Fortune 500 corporation to go all-in on gender identity with its androgynous “Creatable World” doll, which follows closely on the heels of its decision last year to nix its respective boys and girls toy divisions.

So with yet another multi-billion-dollar company toeing the line and perhaps the world’s most recognizable toy brand going woke, perhaps there is more incentive for parents and other responsible adults to sit up and take notice.

On Parental Rights


On the website Neurologica — branded as “Your daily fix of neuroscience, skepticism, and critical thinking” — talk has turned to parental rights. Steven Novella, MD asks:

[Should] desperate parents, regardless of their educational or cultural background… have absolute authority over the treatment of their very sick children, or does the state have some authority and responsibility to defend the welfare of every sick child?