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Lots of big news to break down on Tuesday’s Three Martini Lunch! Join Jim and Greg as they marvel at how much better President Trump is doing against all top-tier Democrats in three key battleground states than he was before impeachment began. They also discuss the IG report savaging the FBI and Justice Department for it’s sloppy, error-ridden FISA warrant requests aimed at the Trump campaign, and since the inspector general could not definitively find proof of political motivation, they’re left to shudder at the conclusion that the FBI is just thoroughly reckless and incompetent at its job. And Jim finds it awfully curious that Democrats would announce two articles of impeachment this morning and then immediately announce a series of legislative compromises with President Trump.

On this Viewpoint Podcast, AEI’s Aparna Mathur sits down with Isabel V. Sawhill from the Brookings Institution to discuss paid family leave proposals and the reasoning behind it.

Is it time for a paid family laeve policy in the United States? Listen to their discussion to hear their thoughts.