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At Nature’s Mercy


Mt. Adams is the peak in the foreground, on the right. Taken by author, June 2009.

Over Presidents’ Day weekend, a hiker died in New Hampshire’s White Mountains, specifically, between Mts. Adams and Jefferson. Sadly, this is not very unusual. The Whites are within easy drive of Boston and extremely picturesque, which makes them attractive both to experienced and careful hikers as well as novices and idiots. That wouldn’t be so bad if the mountains didn’t have some of the worst and least-stable weather in the world. Compounding all this, Mt. Washington — the highest peak in New England and the site of the most extreme weather conditions — has a roadway that goes straight up to the summit, which furthers the perception that the Whites are no big deal (as does their relatively low elevation compared to peaks out West or in Europe.)* Every year, there are a few bodies.