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The Coalition of the Stop Calling Us Evil Privileged Oppressors


shutterstock_179064074There’s new coalition in town: the Coalition of the Stop Calling Us Evil, Privileged Oppressors. And it grows every time they’re demonized. Which is all the time.

It grows every time Joe Biden says that they’re going to put black people back in chains. Every time those who oppose redefining marriage are called homophobes. Every time those who oppose third trimester abortions are condemned for fighting a war on women. And when those who oppose Obamacare are accused of wanting poor people to get sicker and die.

It grows when those who support gun rights are blamed for all shooting deaths. When people who believe in God, or who question any part of the global warming narrative, are called anti-science.

Introducing the Oppression Index!


We’ve all argued with liberals, especially online. The issue could be health care, tax rates or city zoning rules, but they’ll quickly turn their policy disagreement into personal attacks.

Conservative: “I think hiking the minimum wage will reduce jobs.”
Progressive: “You would say that, RICH RETHUGLICAN!”
Conservative: “Actually, I’m lower middle class, so…”
Progressive: “Are you denying your WHITE privilege?”
Conservative: “Well, I’m Asian, and…”
Progressive: “I’m glad the PATRIARCHY protects your precious job!”
Conservative: “Wrong again. I’m a woman.”
Progressive: “Probably sitting at home baking cookies for your husband!”
Conservative: “I’m a lesbian. By the way, who are you?”
Progressive: “Stop voting against your own self-interest by electing old white men like me!”