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The Great Liberator


President TrumpDonald J. Trump is poised to become the Great Liberator for black folk. This Republican Convention is the Trump Party Convention, thanks be to God. Starting on the very first evening, President Trump’s list of speakers* began to make the case based on candidate Donald J. Trump’s fulfilling his 2016 New Deal for Black America** to the limit of Article II powers, (as unconstitutionally expanded by a corrupt Congress and Supreme Court). President Trump has faithfully acted within the limits of the Constitution as written until the other two branches did the two-step of breaching their own duties and claiming the presidency, just not Donald Trump, had expanded authority to act. If Lincoln was the Great Emancipator, then President Trump is poised to become the Great Liberator, freeing Americans of every shade of melanin from the Administrative State and the unholy alliance of Bushie Chamber of Commerce Republicans and Marxist Democrats.

The Bushie Chamber of Commerce Republican’ts have had since January 21, 2001, to fix federal election fraud. They have willfully failed and obstructed real defense of our republican form of government. The Democrats are who they have been since repeater gangs stuffed ballot boxes along the eastern shore of the Mississippi before the Civil War, defending slavery. The current Congressional Republican’ts are the morally corrupt crew who used the cover of the Sacrament of the Filibuster to preserve Democrats’ racial terrorism, blocking every attempt to stop white supremacist states with anti-“lynching” legislation.

“Lynching” was a deceptive term for ritual public torture-murder. Think the charred remnants of American contractors suspended from a bridge in Iraq. That is what good old all-American boys did with southern belles looking on. And bits and pieces were displayed in shop windows in jars of preservative on main street.

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President Trump has an opportunity to retool his image and focus in preparation for 2020. Even though I support immigration reform and the building of a wall (wish we didn’t have to do that if only to preserve the beauty of the landscape and spirit of a welcoming country), I think the immigration focus was […]

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Rand’s Reforms: The Ricochet Survey


RandHere’s a protip for the approaching presidential campaign season: when the candidates take to the stump, always read the transcript rather than watching the speech. I adopted this technique during the 2008 presidential campaign, when it simply became too arduous to sit through 75 minutes of mass hysteria (and at least one audience member fainting) to get through 15 minutes worth of Barack Obama’s cotton candy remarks.

The transcripts are clarifying. You’re not distracted by the delivery or the audience dynamics. You’re essentially alone with the candidate and his thoughts. And, nine times out of ten, you’re going to be disappointed — because the vast majority of these guys don’t have much to say.

Now, I don’t especially blame them for this. Running for the presidency in the modern era often dictates hiding the ball (the 2008 Obama campaign is a textbook example of this). But it does make mining the transcripts an interesting exercise. You’ll often discover that dozens of paragraphs worth of rhetoric only yield two or three concrete proposals.