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Google Is a Monster, But We’re Dr. Frankenstein


shutterstock_14906359In 2013, the United States Department of Justice started a program called Operation Choke Point. Unable to ban industries they deem undesirable, they decided to make it hard or impossible for those industries to work with banks and credit card payment processors. Every single one of the now-undesirable industries, like adult entertainment, is legal.

Operation Choke Point categorized certain industries as “high-risk,” which had the effect of making fearful banks shut down accounts. The program is a way for the Administration to stifle or severely damage industries it simply doesn’t like. Unsurprisingly, the Administration’s biggest targets was the firearms industry. Operation Choke Point led to many banks shutting down the accounts of gun stores:

Another industry deemed undesirable is payday lending. To be fair, many feel it’s an unsavory business, that too often takes advantage of people. However, it is a legal industry, as evidenced by the “EZ-Credit” or “Instant Cash” storefront you’ll probably pass on your way to work today.

One More Helicopter


iran_hostagesDuring a recent press conference to discuss his cancer diagnosis, Jimmy Carter was asked about his presidency and what he would have done differently:

“I wish I’d sent one more helicopter to get the hostages and we would have rescued them and I would have been re-elected,” Carter said. His response elicited laughter from the audience …

If you watch the video, it seems he’s joking a bit. Perhaps it only seems. James Earl Carter left the White House thirty-four and half years ago. To have provoked so immediate a response suggests that the failure of Operation Eagle Claw has been preying on his mind for decades. There is no phrase in the English language so terrible as “If only I’d…”