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A Tale of Two Police Officers


The first Police Officer is a 26-year veteran of the department, with an excellent record.  This Police Officer made a traffic stop, of a vehicle with expired license tabs.  When the Officer ran the plates through the criminal justice database, the Officer discovered that the driver of the vehicle had an outstanding arrest warrant for assault, and carrying a firearm.  The Officer then got out of the squad car to speak with the driver.  A few minutes later, after the driver had worked himself loose from the handcuffs being applied, and gotten back into the vehicle to flee, the Police Officer shot him with her gun, while shouting “I’ll tase you, I’ll tase you!”  This Officer will be charged with second-degree manslaughter.  This Officer’s name and photo is all over the news, everywhere, and riots, burning, and looting are occurring all over the country, in support of the criminal victim.

The second Police Officer was present at a “riot” (also described in all of the Press as an “armed insurrection”).  The Officer, in the middle of a crowd of trespassers, shot and killed a “rioter”, while said rioter was standing near a window.  The person who was killed was a Veteran, with no criminal record of any kind, and was not engaging in any kind of destruction, nor was the person armed with any kind of weapon.  Due to “lack of sufficient evidence”, this Police Officer will not be charged with any crime.  This Officer has not been identified in the press, and no riots, looting, or burning are taking place in support of the innocent victim.