Tag: October Quote of the Day 2023

Quote of the Day: What Lies in the Human Heart


On our best days, we like to think of the heart as the repository for our love and affection. It connects us to others, and as it deepens in quality, it builds relationships. Our heart swells when we fall in love, and that love fills our souls. The more we love in healthy connections, the happier we are and the more we have to offer to the people around us.

Unfortunately, the heart can also be a haven for darkness and evil. Instead of nurturing love, there are those who feed hatred and violence. Their souls are filled with resentment and the need to punish those whom they feel have deprived them of meaningful lives. And often a purposeful life is only acquired through the destruction of those they hate. As Rabbi Jonathan Sacks says:

The greatest weapon of mass destruction is the human heart.