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Health Care Lights and Sirens


Trump thumbs up“If we want to make America great again, we’re gonna have to make healthcare well again.” — Katy Talento

Or, we can call it too hard to do, take two aspirin, and call Doctor Ocasio-Cortez in a year.

Katy Talento has talent. However busy you are, do listen to at least the last two minutes and thirty seconds of the Candice Owens Show November 24, 2019 episode, in which Katy Talento gives the Trump Administration’s two-minute pitch on real health care reform. Then go to PatientRightsAdvocate.org to submit a comment into the official federal regulatory comment process—because the Medical Industrial Swamp is loading up the system, once again seeking to stack the deck in their pecuniary and power interests. Would you prefer to read the proposed rule and comment directly in the Federal Register? There is a button to submit formal comments and guidance on that and other forms of commenting, along with the summary and details about the “Transparency in Coverage” proposed rule.

President Trump Rocks Out with Real Heavy Metal Band


The afternoon of 20 March 2019, President Trump rocked out with a group that makes real heavy metal. The event was different from other presidential appearances, but featured many of the same themes. Two themes, American defense revival and energy dominance, stood in stark contrast to news from Germany. In the midst of the prepared remarks, with the usual riffs, President Trump elaborated on his criticism of the politician John McCain, who the appointed Senator from Arizona, Martha McSally, is unconditionally defending, raising questions about her viability or suitability in 2020. President Trump’s visit to the Lima Army Tank Plant was a great political messaging success on several levels.

The setting:

The Lima Army Tank Plant, in Lima, Ohio, is where the components of the M1 tank, in all its variations, are assembled into a heavy metal instrument that can rock your world. The plant has a uniformed Army oversight contingent, partnered with a skilled civilian workforce centered around proud UAW workers. President Trump spoke to the assembled plant crew, to repeated cheers from these skilled tradesmen, proud UAW members.

On this episode of the AEI Events Podcast, the Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar joins AEI to discuss the administration’s recent agenda on prescription drug prices.

The US health care system faces a crisis of cost, inefficiency, low value, and complexity. As the Trump administration and Congress work to reform health care, they should consider the innovative approaches developed by purchasers who cover more than half of all Americans — employer-sponsored health plans. Large employers have improved quality and controlled costs through patient engagement, provider payment reform, and delivery system improvement.

The Three Martini Lunch is on vacation for the week and will return on Monday, September 11.  Please enjoy this encore presentation of a recent podcast.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America show optimism that new White House Chief of Staff John Kelly will bring stability and focus to the Trump administration. They also criticize Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski for her refusal to answer a question about why she did not vote for the repeal of Obamacare even though she voted in favor of repeal in 2015. And they react to Maryland Rep. John Delaney announcing his candidacy for the Democratic Party’s nomination for president in 2020, right after they figure out who he is.

Why Can’t We Have Market Solutions in Health Care?


Some time back, I asked “What Are We Going to Do When Republicans Don’t Repeal Obamacare?” And I got a fair amount of grief for doubting the sincerity of the Republican leadership that voted 30+ times to repeal Obamacare, but only when they knew the repeal would be vetoed. The House “repeal” bill barely repealed Obamacare at all (it offered the states some waivers over parts of the law), and now the Republican Senate Bill is even weaker.

Although Senate Republicans had initially indicated that they would scrap the House bill and start from scratch, the Senate plan looks more than a little like its House counterpart, which kept much of Obamacare’s structure in place. But even more tellingly, the Senate plan looks even closer to the health care law that is already on the books.

In other words, it is exactly what critics predicted: a bill that, at least in the near term, retains weakened versions of nearly all of Obamacare’s core features while fixing few if any of the problems that Republicans say they want to fix. It is Obamacare lite, the health law that Republicans claim to oppose, but less of it. It represents a total failure of Republican policy imagination.

The Washington Examiner’s Senior Health Reporter Kimberly Leonard on big story of the day—the GOP House passes an Obamacare repeal and replace bill. So now what?

White House Correspondent Sarah Westwood has President Trump’s reaction to the win, and she also reports on the details of a new executive order protecting religious liberty.

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I tried to explain to everyone that Attempt One of the Obamacare Repeal Bill meant nothing. I knew there was no way a good Repeal could be written that fast. Now they have had some time to really work on it, and… Freedom Caucus Endorses Revised ObamaCare Repeal-And-Replace Bill Preview Open

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