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Interviewing Chris Kyle and, 4 Years Later, Taya Kyle


When I’m not writing articles like this, my day job is producing “Cam and Company” (Cam being Cam Edwards, not me; I’m in the Company) on NRA News. The job has allowed me to work with very talented people, travel the country extensively, and occasionally interview politicians, celebrities, and everyday Americans.

Every year, we take NRA News to Las Vegas to broadcast live from the Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show, or the SHOT Show. They’re always star-studded broadcasts, and being in Vegas doesn’t suck.

A Culture of Good Marksmanship Makes for a Good Police Force


The news of the death of Laquan Macdonald last year is shining a spotlight on the training and ethics of the Chicago police force. This is a situation that we’ve seen far too often, but my question is, why is it that the police forces of cities like Chicago seem to have problems with basic marksmanship? Is it because there’s no history and culture of civilian marksmanship to flatten the learning curve when it comes to gun safety?

The Democrats Go Full Gun-Grabber


shutterstock_190967072One of the biggest applause lines from last week’s Democratic debate was Martin O’Malley’s cocksure, focused description of the National Rifle Association as the enemy he’s most proud to have made. Moments later, Hillary Clinton seconded the notion, though she went on to include — among other things, and in the same tones — the Iranians and the Republican Party. But, as if to make the point even clearer over the weekend, Clinton echoed President Obama’s recent allusion to Australia’s draconian licensing and buy-back policy as a model for the United States to emulate.

It’s increasingly apparent that the Democrats plan to make the abrogation of gun rights a major part of their 2016 platform. This may not be quite as bad politics as it sounds: a recent Pew Survey found that support for gun rights has waned from its high last year, and that was before the latest cluster of shootings, including that of the Virginia news crew and at Umpqua Community College. According to the same survey, gun control remains wildly popular among Democrats. The good news is that the overall numbers are still near historic highs in favor of rights, with the country nearly evenly split on the matter.

However, two things are concerning. First, we are — as Charles C.W. Cooke darkly suggests — likely not too far off from the first HD, livestreamed mass murder. Imagine the effect a Newtown-style massacre would have next fall if its horror was uploaded (unedited) to YouTube in 1080p. Second, imagine what a legacy-hunting Obama and a desperate Hillary Clinton might do with that, especially when Wayne LaPierre inevitably makes an idiot of himself and blames video games and calls for armed guards in every school.

The Mainstreaming of Gun Rights


Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 1.33.08 PMYou’ll be forgiven for not appreciating the extent to which gun-rights advocates have enjoyed success comparable to that of same-sex marriage and marijuana decriminalization advocates over the past decade.

With each mass shooting — most recently the racist massacre in Charleston – progressives show a mix of arrogance and disdain: arrogance aboout their own virtue and disdainful of Americans’ exceptional attitude toward guns. But everyone involved knows that when the gun grabbers’ moment in the sun passes, it’s the gun nuts who eventually carry the day.

And they always do.

Montel Williams and #FreeAmirNow


220px-Amir_Mirza_Hekmati_USMC[1]Amir Hekmati is a former United States Marine, who has been held by Iran since August 2011. Hekmati, born in Flagstaff, Arizona, was captured while visiting his grandmother in Iran. Tehran has accused him of being a spy.

According to an extensive piece by Al Jazeera America:

On Aug. 29, 2011, 28-year-old Amir Hekmati was getting ready to go to a feast to celebrate the end of Ramadan with his extended family in Tehran.