Tag: November 2017 election

Clinging to Utopia


The hysteria of the political Left seems to be growing and intensifying. Does anyone else believe this is happening? In my lifetime (although I’ve only followed politics for the last 20 years), I’ve seen the ranting of the Left rise and fall, but these times feel different. I’ve been thinking about the possible explanation for this phenomenon, and I’d like to hear your perspective. I’m going to begin by contrasting the conflicting views of the Left and the Right.

From my own observations, certain characteristics seem to be true for most of the people on the Left. A big part of their suffering comes from their holding to conflicting ideas and not recognizing their inconsistencies. For example, they are idealists and believe that all of society should strive for a Utopian existence, which has led them to embrace Marxist ideas (whether they admit it or not). We should all be treated as equals (unless we disagree with them), celebrate all cultures (except our own), and share society’s wealth with each other. Unfortunately, the Left also believes in not only the perfectibility of the world, but the perfectibility of men; they refuse to recognize that we are not only guided by reason, but we are emotional and unpredictable creatures. When we fickle human beings don’t cooperate with and participate in their endeavors, they become insulted and incensed.

Even though people are capricious, the Left believes they can straighten us out.