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Honoring Norman Rockwell: America’s Painter


“Four Freedoms,” 1943

Norman Rockwell was not a realist. You aren’t supposed to interpret his paintings as depictions of everyday America as it actually was. No one who lived during his lifetime considered America a hunky-dory paradise populated only by upstanding and friendly citizens. The America he painted was one we wanted, the one we strove for, America as promised by our founding ideals. He focused on the best parts of our country. His artwork is aspirational, not delusional; optimistic, not whitewashed.



The meeting that man is addressing had better not be a school board meeting, or he will be in danger of being investigated as a potential terrorist for failing in unquestioning obedience to the educational establishment.

The adjacent image is, of course, Norman Rockwell’s famous painting commemorating Freedom of Speech, and it was one of the first things I thought about after reading about Merrick Garland’s now-infamous letter.  This letter is just one small part of the massive campaign against free speech now being conducted by the ‘Biden’ administration, its private-sector partners, and its media allies.

The painting is one of four that were created by Rockwell to represent Roosevelt’s ‘Four Freedoms’.  It strikes me that all of these freedoms are under attack by the current administration and by the Democratic Party in general.