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On this week’s edition of the United Kingdom’s Fastest Growing and Most Trusted Podcast®, James discusses with Toby his and his daughter’s adventures with the NHS in the A&E of his local hospital (that’s an ER for you Yanks), as well as the casualties of Boris’s recent Cabinet reshuffle.

Then it’s up to Cambridge where Extinction Rebellion is protesting the destruction of nature by, uh, destroying nature. Delingpole’s pro tip of the week: They are terrorists.

The Queen’s Speech


Cat and Canary

Her Majesty opened the post-election Parliament Thursday morning. On the procession from the Commons to the Lords, Mr. Corbyn and the PM had nary a word to say to each other. But the look on the PM’s face was one of the cat who devoured the canary.

The speech, which is written for the Queen by the majority, dealt mostly with Brexit and the problems of the NHS, which throughout the campaign was alternately described as the “best in the world” and an abomination — often by the same people and in the same sentence. A vote on the government’s Brexit bill, which would rule out an extension and set a final divorce date, is expected to come as early as tomorrow.

Alfie and the Failure of Medical Ethics


The case of Alfie Evans once again brings to light the ethical and moral landmines that are promulgated as governments intrude further and further into the personal lives of its citizens.

Young Alfie suffers from a so-far unknown and undiagnosed congenital ailment that has left him in a near-vegetative state since late 2016. As such, the officials of the UK’s National Health Service have brought it upon themselves to hasten the death of the child … for his own well-being.

If you think that is sarcasm … it is not. The Royal College of Pediatrics literally made that argument this week. And that would be bad enough except for the fact that there is no medical or moral reason for their conclusion. So far, there is little to no medical evidence that the child has been suffering at all.

Rationalization and Charlie Gard


Our ability to rationally evaluate and make choices upon our evaluation is what places us above the animals. Yet, our very rationality can sometimes work against us. We become too subtle and too arrogant. After our first clear ethical response, we start rationalizing to obtain a result that, however unethical, benefits our narrow interests. We can rationalize away the most basic human right. Because a few parents risk the health of their children, this serves as an excuse for a single-payer administrative state to remove all parental rights and make choices that are only appropriate for parents to make. After waiting 11 months for the child to die, now an immediate mercy killing is justified to save the face of the institution. Of course, we’ll rationalize this by talking about the best interests of the child determined by medical science, not emotion. Oh, what a brave new world.

Alien Space Dust Took My Friend – A True Story


Part I – 1989

It was a chilly Californian December night and one could feel the barometer dropping in anticipation of an incoming rainstorm. The cloudy sky wasn’t visible as a thick fog had settled in, reflecting the street lights in a curious burnt-orange glow. Less than a month from the turn of the decade, our group of True Gentlemen gathered outside the beloved House discussing the assigned tasks from that evening’s humdrum meeting. Random jibes, insults, and jokes were the norm and each would give as good as they got. I looked for Mark who was uncharacteristically silent most of the night, seemingly not interested in anything we had to say. He stood silently alone some 20 feet away, head angled upward, eyeballing the foggy ceiling. Mark and I were very close. We pledged together a few years earlier and our shared adventures had formed a bond closer than many blood brothers would ever know. I walked over to him, and asked, “what’s up?” I noticed his eyes bulging out of his head. He stood stoicly, unblinking, a lit but long-ashed cigarette in his fingers, mouth agape, and staring into the marshy sky.

“Hey … Dude, are you ok?” No response. “Mark?”

Without moving his head and barely moving his mouth, he whispered in his deep baritone voice “I can taste it. Can’t you?”

To Kellyanne Conway: The Woman’s Issue is ObamaCare

Obese people – as well as smokers – will be routinely refused operations. Courtesy – The Telegraph

Obese people – as well as smokers – will be routinely refused operations. Courtesy – The Telegraph

Amid the daily flood of corruption that overflows the walls at House of Hillary, one of the greatest financial threats to the country and our families may be what’s grievously unreported: The dishonesty of America’s double-dealing healthcare system that has failed to fulfill its authors’ covenant with voters. Yet, curiously, there’s little-to-no messaging from the Right.