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I have seen only one survey on the topic, but the increasing politicization of professional sports is apparently turning off a lot of fans. Players with multi-million dollar contracts are using their sports platforms to advance “social justice” agendas.   That survey, conducted in 2018 by pollster and friend John McLaughlin for the Media Research […]

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It’s Tiiiime … Boogity, Boogity, Boogity!


Professional sports started breaking free from the COVID-19 craziness this past weekend. UFC led the way, followed by a more timid, painfully politically correct NASCAR. Meanwhile, the boys of summer looked to be dropping the ball again, Major League Baseball likely losing bigly in a squeeze play between the National Basketball Association, National Hockey League, and National Football League. Between the NASCAR messaging and UFC, I’ll likely be watching UFC, not NASCAR, this year.

“It’s . . . TIIIME!” 

EBUG: A Star is Born


Fifteen years ago David Ayers put his dreams of a professional hockey career on ice – literally. He was lying in a hospital bed in the need of kidney transplant which he got from his mother, Mary. But he stayed connected to the game. He’s the maintenance manager at the Mattamy Athletic Centre (the old Maple Leaf Gardens) and has spent time as a practice goalie with the AHL Toronto Marlies and the NHL Maple Leafs. But the closest he has been to game action is driving the Zamboni between periods for the minor league team.

On most nights that the National Hockey League team is at home the 42-year-old Ayers is in the house as the EBUG, the Emergency Back-Up Goaltender, available to suit up for either side in the case that one of the four goalies is injured. Every once in awhile, an EBUG gets the thrill of sitting on the bench watching the number 2 guy mind the net.

But Saturday night, Carolina’s James Reimer went down with a lower-body injury in the 1st Period. In the 2nd, Peter Mrazek left the goal and collided with Toronto forward Kyle Clifford in a massive concussion-inducing hit. After the first injury, Reid Mitchell, the scouting director for the Leafs texted Ayers and told him to get half-dressed. The Hurricanes equipment manager hurried to put Ayers’ name on the back of a ‘Canes sweater. After the second injury, he was walking through the tunnel on the way to the ice.

Rule 21


It hangs in every clubhouse from the low minors to the major leagues — a giant poster with the headline:


Boiled down to its essence is the first sentence, “Any player, umpire, or club or league official or employee, who shall bet any sum whatsoever upon any baseball game in connection with which the bettor has a duty to perform shall be declared permanently ineligible.”