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I’m a relatively recent football fan and I want to learn the game – I mean, really learn it, study it. Games are fun to watch but I know there’s a lot more happening down there and I want to know what it is. And so I turn to Ricochet’s own football fans, fanatics, experts, […]

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Sports Scandals Are Ruining My Favorite Time of Year


GoodellWhen I picked up my kids from school today, I turned to a Phoenix sports radio station for the half-hour update.

First story: Police arrested Arizona Cardinals running back Jonathan Dwyer on suspicion of aggravated assault.

Second story: The Carolina Panthers put defensive end Greg Hardy on the NFL commissioner’s “exempt list” due to his recent domestic violence conviction.

Trial by Twitter: The Danger of Public Opinion Run Amok


ht_tmz_ray_rice_punch_video_kb_140908_v33x16_16x9_992Disclaimer: To head off the criticism I’ve seen of anyone who questions how the Ray Rice incident has played out, I in no way justify or condone what he did. This is a discussion of the media/public response.

The video that was released yesterday by TMZ of Ray Rice and his then-fiancee Janay Palmer set social media on fire. The footage seemed to take many by surprise despite the details of it having been publicly known since February. Rice and Palmer, in a drunken argument in an elevator, escalate to shoving each other. He steps away; she moves aggressively towards him. He hits her, knocking her down. As she falls, her head caroms off the handrail on the wall, leaving her unconscious in the floor. He’s lucky he didn’t kill her. He then drags her out of the elevator. That is how it was described when it first happened, and that’s consistent with what the video shows.

Rice and Palmer were both initially charged with assault. Her charges were dropped, and he avoided trial by entering a pre-intervention program for first offenders. He was then suspended two games by the NFL which was criticized at the time as being too light. They have since married, and they have both said more than once that the argument and fight was both of their faults. Ordinarily, that would have been the end of it, but with the release of the video, public outrage exploded resulting in Rice’s two-game suspension being made indefinite along with his getting cut by the Baltimore Ravens. A breakdown of the legal ramifications relating to the criminal justice system and to the NFL’s punishment of player conduct can be found here.

Better To Be Gay Than Christian in the NFL


When University of Missouri defensive lineman Michael Sam was drafted by the St. Louis Rams on Saturday — becoming the first openly gay player in the NFL — he laid a big wet one on his boyfriend in front of the cameras. In response, Miami Dolphins Defensive Back Don Jones tweeted out “OMG” and “Horrible.” The Dolphins were swift in their punishment. Jones has been fined and suspended.

But what about all those nasty tweets leveled against openly Christian Tim Tebow? Oh, that doesn’t matter. Because, you know, Christians deserve it. It takes courage to come out as an openly gay player in a society that is orgasmic about everything gay. But to stand up for your faith in the midst of a culture that is hostile to it, well, that’s just “annoying,” as one tweet said about Tebow.

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I came across a Time blog posting entitled “Germany’s Crushing Inequality Works on the Soccer Field” where the blogger discusses the surprising differences between the league structure of German (and Europe in general) Soccer/Football and America’s NFL: “The league has perfected a strict salary cap and a revenue-sharing plan that levels the playing field between […]

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