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LOL (or WOL)


Americans, like a majority of people on the planet, now walk around with the equivalent of the Library of Congress and an old-school, room-sized supercomputer in our back pockets. An inquiry that once involved perusing the annual publication listing all published magazine articles (remember that?) or scanning miles of microfilm, or even just picking up an encyclopedia … now merely requires us to ask Siri.

And so this, the present age is revealing the real obstacle to human progress: not the absence of sufficient information, but our own, profound lack of curiosity and/or common sense.

Feel Good Story of the Day – Newark Gets Scammed


This is a wonderful thing… Mayor Ras Baraka of Newark invited representatives of the nation of Kailasa to City Hall to sign a cultural trade agreement. Turns out though, there is no such nation as Kailasa.

It was all a scam dreamed up by Swami Nithyananda, a con artist who fled India in 2019 when brought up on rape charges (the one sour note in this otherwise delightful tale.)

The city officials didn’t bother with Google or an atlas. But they did go to the country’s website, finding it is the largest Hindu country in the world, with no borders. Newark officials just moved forward when the invitation was made because nothing should come in the way of diversity in relationships.

Join Jim and Greg as they applaud Texas for trying to protect its border with Mexico since the Biden administration clearly has no interest in doing so. But will the GOP plan survive the courts if it gets through the legislature? They also break down the news of a Russian warplane forcing down a U.S. surveillance drone, including the immediate U.S. response and the long term consequences. Finally, they inject some much needed comic relief into the week as Newark, New Jersey, finds it became sister cities with a place that doesn’t even exist.

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The City of Newark, NJ erected a statue of George Floyd outside of city hall. The statue depicts the Minneapolis native, with no ties to Newark, sitting on a park bench while wearing a tank-top (aka. wife-beater). Floyd struggled with drugs and had been arrested several times for various crimes including armed robbery. While his […]

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A Proposal on Embassy Locations


128 countries have decided that they have every right to tell another nation what can and cannot be its capital city. Each of these countries marked in green has said that Jerusalem is not Israel’s capital city and that agreeing with Israel that it is should be punished.